Monday, October 10, 2005


Who Started it?

Also on San Diego Indymedia, an argument over a scuffle with accompanying photos and video.

According to the article:
Here's a perfectly clear video of the Scottish Rite Center protest where a volunteer with the Minutemen tackles protester. Later, he tells the police that he was assaulted and the police handcuff and detain this protester for an hour. As always, the police defend the violent racists.
Subsequent comments however tell a different story:
1. The protesters were the aggressors due to entering private property.
2. The protester had his face covered while protesting. (A federal offense). [I'm not sure about that. Hostile yes, illegal probably not. -ed]
3. Show the whole video. Stills do not put into context what really happened. I have the video. It shows quite the opposite. It has been turned over to law enforcement.

4.You are losing. You have no credibility. The MM and FBP are out in full force and all you can gather is this?

First of all, these are Friends of the Border Patrol not Minutemen. The FOBP gentleman is trying to retrieve the American flag that was stolen from him from the masked coward. You should show the part of the video where the protester steals it from him and throws him to the ground when he won't let go.

You guys are so desperate.
And back and forth the argument goes. Watch the (heavily edited) video and decide for yourself.

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