Saturday, October 08, 2005


Genesis of a Meme

A comment in The House Of Wheels suggested Leigh list his preference for 7 people who never would publish or speak another single word publically ever.

Giving a hat-tip to a terrible 1990 film, Leigh has called it:
"You have the right to remain silent... Forever!"

On no authority whatsoever, I take it upon myself to start a blogger meme which may encourage public debate, by completely stifling its loudest members.

It shall work like this:

Step 1: List 7 people who you wish would never publish, or publicly speak another word. At least half must be different to the list of the person before you and up to three may be a group if not an individual.

Step 2: Get the person who sent it to you to update their blog pointing to your post.

Step 3: Forward to 5 other interesting bloggers who can continue it.

It is your responsibility to ensure it doesn't die. So if you optimistically forward it to various uber-bloggers and they ignore it, hassle them mercilessly or pass it to someone else.

If you let the chain die, a terrible curse will befall you... .The people you despise will never ever shut the hell up. Be warned!

I'll start (in no particular order):

Ken Livingstone
Tom Cruise
Koffi Annan
Roy Nagin
Britney and Kevin

I have passed this on to Down-under blogger (I'm optimistic) Tim Blair, Scott the Environmental Republican, Andrew Sullivan, Indymedia Ireland Watch and Twenty Major.

Update: Andrew Sullivan's out, let's try Evil Pundit instead.

Update: Further down the line, a few others have joined the party. Miller's Time is no longer "it".

I've commented on Leigh's site and later this evening I'll update with our suggestions.

-- Nora
Here's my list:
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