Monday, October 10, 2005


Antisemite Love Song

A post on BC Indymedia asks What's Mein Kampf doing in the Turkish top 10 list of books.

According to the writer:
When I travelled across eastern Turkey two years ago with a Jewish photographer, I was amazed at how many times our translator was forced to stand in embarrassed silence as villagers, merchants and local and regional politicians offered ornate theories about the Jewish conspiracy to control the world."
Not to be outdone, a comment on BC Indymedia immediately responds:
Contrary to the view that the Zionist propaganda system (the global corporate media) would like us believe, employing specious arguments which can be boiled down to "this is not politically correct", the American corporate, military, and covert "intelligence" sector imperialist, and the imperialistic, global totalitarian scheming Zionist Jew are very concrete, real, highly active and influential personages ( people like Sharon, Kissinger, Wolfowitz, Greenspan, Brezinski, etc.) and organisations (like the ADL and Canadian Parliamentarians for Israel). These scheming, ruthless, murderous, individuals and organisations feature very prominently in nearly all dominant positions of power and influence in the world - specifically masonry, private central banking, finance, industry, government, academia and media. This holds particularly true in the USA, Canada, UK, Russia, and Israel.

The toilet-wall that is Sydney Indymedia is having the same problem, and as usual is strategically doing nothing about it. The silence from left-wing Indymedia activists at this blatant antisemitism and hate-speech is deafening.

Now Indymedia UK sinks so low that they leaveing on line a REAL nazi filth while removing my anti-racist post.
Keep your good work
please, click on this link below
read post by Josephine Kuchera, ''proud survivor of Jewish oppression ''.
When I posted my answer to this nazi-filth they removed MY post, why this racist crap i still visible.
Obviously Free Speech is only for nazis and fascists on Indymedia.
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