Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Simon Wiesethal - Still Spining in his Grave (Faster)

Yesterday I reported on Simon Wiesenthal's memory being dishonoured by Indymedia.

It seems Wikipedia is having the same problem according to this newspaper report.
An Australian Jewish group has been angered by the use of an online encyclopedia to attack the memory of Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal, who died yesterday.

The Wikipedia website, a collection of articles that can be freely edited by users, displayed false information about Mr Wiesenthal, claiming he partook in various sex acts in Austria with other men.

"In the 1970's he became involved in gay life when he began spending his free time giving oral sex to older black men", the site read in part this morning. It continued on for several paragraphs.

Wiesenthal, a holocaust survivor who helped track down more than 1000 Nazi war criminals, died in his sleep at home in Vienna yesterday. He was 96.

The Council of Australian Jewry was angered at the posting on the Wikipedia website, which gets about 60 million hits a day, and said it was a blatant attempt to denigrate the memory of Mr Wiesenthal.

"I suppose if you are a former Nazi or sympathiser then it makes sense to try and denigrate the person who is bringing you down," said executive officer with the group, Josh Landis.

"This is abhorrent and shows a lack of respect to his memory."

Israellycool has more.

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