Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Rachel Corrie Redux

DC Indymedia reports that an anti World-Bank protester was struck by an SUV when attempting to block the road.
Joe Sacco, while working to prevent delegates from attending the World Bank meeting on Sunday, was nearly killed when a motorist drove at speeds over 45 mph with the protester on the hood of the SUV. Sacco was blocking one of four intersections surrounding the Mayflower Hotel- where many important delegates of the World Bank meetings were staying.
At approximately 4:45AM Sunday, September 25, 2005, a collective of approximately 100 activists from around the nation surrounded the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. Multiple affinity groups were able to effectively communicate in order to delay many delegates from easily being transported to the World Bank meeting.

Joe Sacco, of Las Vegas, was standing in the crosswalk at approximately 6:15AM at 17th St. and L when a grey/silver SUV (Washington D.C. plate DW7274) approached the intersection. The motorist came to a full stop about 4 feet away from Sacco. The driver then accelerated and proceeded to hit the activist. Sacco flipped up onto the hood of the vehicle in an attempt to prevent being pulled under and run-over.

The driver, seemingly a private citizen, then drove at high speeds 8 blocks to 9th St. and L. Sacco screamed and pleaded for safety while gripping the windshield wipers for dear life. The man finally came to a stop and let Sacco off the vehicle.
There is now an interesting discussion on the website about what exactly he was doing on the road in the first place and the possible mindset of the driver.
why the fuck are you standing in front of a private citizens vehicle instead of the delegates you were there to target? you reap what you sow.
This should lead to a serious charge such as "Assault with a Deadly Weapon", or maybe "attempted murder."

Realistically, since a political motive was likely involved, it could be considered and act of terrorism under FBI definitions of the term.
Did any of you ever think the ones really are hurting are the citizens of this city who really are the only ones disrupted by your protests. I work two jobs and when all of you come to town Iam often delayed for hours by your silly antics.

Not saying this guy should have been hit, but I can fully understand why it happened.
you preach about a brief inconvenience yet what do you know of the fear that motorist had when surrounded by several people on all sides? would you honestly be concerned for the hood ornament you now have hanging onto your wiperblades or your own safety?

target the people that matter, not some poor soul who is going to work or doing what any normal us citizen is supposed to be doing, abiding by the law. your actions were terroristic to say the least considering your mob numbered in the hundreds. any normal person would fear for their safety.
I can't find any reporting of this incident in the mainstream press.

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