Thursday, September 29, 2005


Pre-Protest Pilates

NYC Indymedia is carrying photos of the scary sounding "Black Bloc" at the recent 25 September (sorry, S25) protests. I learned some things about the 'anti-authoritarian movement' and bringing on The Revoution.

Apparently the revolution will be brought about by Drawing circles on some trucks,

Protester defacing truck

and writing the word "Fuck" on others.

To avoid injury during the revolution however, protesters should stretch beforehand.

Protesters stretching

Don't forget those revolutionary hamstrings.

Protesters Stretching 2

Protesters with red eyes from a late night planning the revolution, should bring ski-goggles to cover them up.

Make sure your goggles match your revolutionary bandannas. Don't forget your cameras either!

Resistance is puerile. If you think I'm being cruel however, read some of the discussion about what's wrong with the movement.

I've been involved with Indymedia since April of 2000, and that said I agree with many of the critiques, frustrations, and downright outrages you raise.

There's an enormous problem with anti-semitism, which has filtered through far too much of the left, and there's way too much glorifying of militarism, from the terrorist variety to the outright daft actions of several black bloc groups during protests.

But so ya know, while I think it just escalates the situation, I don't deeply begrudge any protestor who sees fit to wear eye protection. Although there's some promise of this changing, in the recent past the police have been more than a little judicious with spraying protestors with copious amounts of pepper spray.
Thanks for your comment.

Are you still involved with Indymedia?

Assuming so, given that you acknowledge a serious problem, what have you personally done about it?

What was the response to such action on your part? Do others acknowledge the problem?

If you prefer, drop me a line via email (look on the left-hand side). I look forward to hearing from you.
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