Friday, September 23, 2005


Look out... Nazis!

Sydney Indymedia is reporting that Perth Indymedia received a legal notice from someone representing Centrelink - an Australian government agency.

It mainly concerned the modification of Centrelink's logo to resemble a Swastika (follow the link if you care, I'm not going to host it). Centrelink (quite rightly) took offence to this and instructed their lawyers accordingly.
We understand Mr Pickett's comment is accompanied by two images that are fashioned in the shape of Nazi Swastikas.
The image of most concern is the Centrelink logo that has been reworked to resemble a Swastika, thereby making
the suggestion that Centrelink is associated with or supports the practices and objectives of the Nazi regime.
Centrelink is a service delivery agency of the Commonwealth of Australia established under the Commonwealth
Services Delivery Agency Act 1997.
Centrelink is not and never has been associated with the Nazi regime or fascist ideology; therefore, in accordance
with your Editorial Policy we request that this image is removed from Mr Pickett's comment.
In maximum defensive mode, Indymedia is now (rather provocatively) hosting copies of the images with reference to the legal notice.

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