Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Latest 9/11 Conspiracy...

UK Indymedia demonstrates the low threshold for material on the newswire with the latest 'theory' about why 9/11 happened, and it's a doozy:
There were no Airliners involved in the 9/11 hits.
The whole thing was imagined. As for the eyewitnesses?
And where were the 200+ Israeli spooks and FEMA that morning? I would bet my bottom dollar they were playing their roles as eyewitnesses (and false-evidence planters) at the WTC
Whoops... I'm sure he really meant "Zionists".

Two subsequent comments indicates there is still some intelligent life on the site:
It is disappointing that time is still being spent discussing this issue. I appreciate that there are some still so keen to believe anything other than the reality they will continue to post articles like this to the newswire but I have to question if it is time to introduce a blanket ban on 9/11 fantasies like this. By all means allow new information but simple rehashing of the same theory is hardly helpful. Comments like,

"In fact, the no-planes explanation is the ONLY rational, completely logical explanation there is" are at best stupid and at worst insulting to those who died.
You forgot about the "no-buildings" explanation. I visited New York prior to Sept 11. I have news for you. There weren't any buildings at the site called the World Trade Center. It was just a big hole, and they hadn't even begun to build the buildings yet. This hoax is being perpetrated to make Muslims look bad.
Do you know anyone who worked at the WTC? Of course not. You may have known some people who TOLD you they worked there, bu they are part of the hoax, and you are just another fool for believing them.
They are subsequently dismissed:
Heard the most absurd conspiracy theory? A billionaire caveman with a laptop in Afghanistan and 19 boozy, cocaine-sniffing, ultra-religious Islamic fanatical suicide-hijackers (whoops! at least seven are still alive and well) engineered 9/11 - including the controlled demolitions of three WTC towers !!!

What pathetic plonkers still believe this fairy-tale? The two pathetic plonkers above, apparently. Do they have a brain? Or are they just acting like zomboid sheep? Are they spooks or sheeple?

You decide, dear readers.
Fear the spooky Zomboid sheeple... Thank you UK Indymedia for providing an outlet for this type of thing that the mainstream media simply refuse to publish.

No really...

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