Thursday, July 28, 2005


Italian Anyone?

Do any of my readers speak Italian?

I have been linked to on Italy Indymedia and can't understand it.

The Google Translation really doesn't help.

I speak French, not Italian, but the word "merda" in the title post is probably the same as the French "Merde", which is "shit", so they're probably saying "Have you seen this shit?
i got it translated and it helps some. here's the link. It's pretty bad english though.
it actually seems like some of them are bashing indymedia.

except one...
I have trouble enough trying to understand what indymedia here in America is saying.
Try the online machine translation @ It will give you a "gist" translation.

It does look like some of them are bashing INdymedia - but other aren't. Let me put it this way - I doubt they'll be inviting you around for Pasta...
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