Saturday, July 30, 2005


Google Gets a Dose of Insanity

A Google Search for London Bombing returns some interesting results. Third and fourth in the list is: which lists plenty of dubious 'evidence' that it was an inside job etc.

I am not hyperlinking the above for reasons which will become obvious.

It seems, accidentally or deliberately, Google has been Googlebombed to point searchers towards lunatic conspiracy theorist websites.

I know that Google may not be directly responsible for this, however I'm sure the victims of terrorism are thrilled.

I'm not even sure it is a deliberate Googlebombing effort. As Black Triangle said however:
Google bombs are the equivalent of waving a placard with a simplistic slogan on.
I've seen plenty of that from the same quarters...

Any ideas?

Hmmm... If you want a simplistic slogan, how about: "Don't confuse me with the facts-- 'Islamic terrorists' did it and that's that". Or how about: "Don't think; just believe your government". Or what about: "Don't worry about how the government keeps changing crucial details of its story-- lap up the slop they're feeding you and like it".
Changes in the "official" fairy tale so far:
1.Type of explosive, first announced as RDX, same type used by British military and spy services... THEN...
...It was "TATP" or homemade explosives.
2.The explosives, having sophisticated timing devices, were left behind by the bombers...
...they were unneccessary "suicide bombers"(with identification on them that was indestructible) who just happened to have bombs with sophisticated timing devices.
3.The tube bombings happened several minutes apart with the bus bombing a half hour or so afterword...
...the tube bombings were "within seconds" of one another with the bus bombing "an hour later".
4.Two of the patsy "suicide bombers" out of the four are not the same people first named as the "bombers".
5.Netanyahu was warned in advance...
...he was called as soon as the first tube bombing happened (wait a minute, I thought the "official" pulp fiction story has them now going off "within seconds" of each other so who's to say now which one was first etc.?). Then the Israeli foreign ministry ordered all its personnel to not comment further on th ematter, as they were painting themselves (indirectly) and Blair's government (directly) into a corner.
My "gag reflex" has already received a workout from your piffle.

Why do changes in the story automatically suggest a cover up? Do you actually know anything about criminal investigations?

Moreover, could it be that your problem is a result of media reporting, and not neccessarily the government? I don't claim to know a lot about explosives, but I did find myself shouting at a CNN 'expert' who was wheeled out when there wasn't much to report on.

He was saying "it's probably this type of bomb" before the sappers (bomb technicians) had got anywhere near it. That the media take a bad bit of advice (such as the Netanyahu warning which turned out later to be an errror) and run with it is nothing new.

See also Jenin Massacre for an example of the media reporting on a story from A to Z and it turning out later to be completely untrue.

You are too quick to blame the Government (and their secret agenda) and are probably looking to reverse engineer an outcome. That is, the Government were responsible, now all you need to do is backfill the facts to support that outcome.

Sorry. I'm not convinced.
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