Tuesday, October 05, 2004


New Zealand, Passports and Terror

We all remember when New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark hammered Israel over two Israelis charged with passport fraud who she suspected were Mossad agents working on behalf of Israel.

Her attack on Israel was immediately followed by attacks on Jewish graves and it was no co-incidence.

Well it turns out there was another passport fraud operation going on in New Zealand but you probably haven't heard about this one even though the perpetrators have just gone on trial. The difference was that this time, the perpetrators weren't Israeli, they were an Iraqi and a Kuwaiti.

Oh and there was one other difference - their operation was :
"on a scale never before seen in this country"

One of the forged passports was for Bolivia. Now I can't work out why anyone would want a real Bolivian passport let alone a forged one. That is, unless you are an Islamist terror cell operating out of Bolivia.

Now I appreciate that may be a long bow to draw, but let's face it, it's more of a worry than Israelis forging passports given that Israel has never attacked New Zealand or any of it's allies (nor would it). And yet, there was no outrage at all. Maybe New Zealanders and Helen Clark were sick of news about passport scams?

Not really, Police had arrested the men, Fahad Jaber Ajeil, an Iraqi and Riyad Hamied Sultan, a Kuwaiti last October. Well before the Israeli incident, yet we heard nothing out of it from the worldwide media, much less Helen Clark.

One thing's for sure. If Helen Clark does repeat her outrage (and I'm not holding my breath here folks) it probably won't be followed by any attacks on Muslim graves.

Meanwhile, as could be expected, they're not exactly talking about this on New Zealand Indy Media. Instead, they are running the old favourite about Jews manipulating the US Government and people.

Even the atheist majority among the Jewish oligarchy thanked providence for 11 September, when the deaths and sacrifices of non-Jews enabled the Jews to convince Americans that all the political goals of Israel are identical to the political goals of America.

Though almost all who died on 11 September were non-Jews, including some ethnic types quite distasteful to the Jews, such as Irish Catholics, those American deaths, in the shallowness of the American mind, came somehow to symbolize the struggle between Israel and the Arabs.

The events of 11 September reduced contemporary world events to a simple scenario that simple minds could easily grasp: “bad people” had cheered 11 September; “good people” were horrified.

Hmmm... Well here's a video of Bad people cheering September 11.

I wonder why "good people" were horrifed?

Oh, that's right:

But it seems:
While the Jewish oligarchy imagines that the American masses are eager to clean their palaces, grow their crops, and service their automobiles, as they enjoy the sweet life of the privileged, history tells us that the Jewish oligarchy always encourages resentment in its servants. In America, the straw that breaks the camel’s back will be the Americans’ military and political humiliation at the hands of radical Islam. In spite of their hopeless ignorance of geography and history, Americans eventually will come to understand what it means to sacrifice their youth in a hopeless war to advance the goals of Israel.

Gosh, all that talk of camels yet not one mention of radical Islamist Mullahs and Osama bin Laden. Silly me thought that was the cause of Militant Islam but now I know it was also the fault of the Jews. Thanks Indy Media for clearing that up.

Post about something you know about.

The second set of arrests is common knowledge here.

The reason they didn't get so much exposure is because the Israeli's were spies, whereas the Kuwaiti and Iraqi were simply rogue criminals.

Passport fraud by random criminals is not news.

Passport fraud by friendly nations definately is.

Get a clue.
Get a clue eh?
Tell me the evidence you have to verify your claim that the Israelis were spies and not "rogue criminals". Aside from wide suspicion, fuelled largely by Helen Clarke and never actually verified, there really wasn't any.

The other arrests may have been common knowledge in NZ as you claim, I have no way of knowing. What I do know however, is that they didn't register a blip on the news radar outside of your island.

If passport fraud by random criminals is not news where you live, than I for one still think Helen Clark has better things to worry about than (even worst case) the intelligence actions of a friendly country. Thanks for visiting.
I agree with you the watcher.

I think helen clark needs to learn how to bite her tounge!
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