Saturday, October 09, 2004


Greens the big losers : Melbourne Indymedia

After the Australian election in which John Howard was overwhelmingly triumphant, and the Indy Media favourites were massively beaten, the following post to Melbourne Indy Media nicely sums it up.

Well, I guess the people have spoken. No doubt there will be laments of angst from those supremely arrogant souls who claim to have some unique insight into the meaning of life. That the rest of Australia is somehow deficient in the ability to critically analyse situations and come to reasonable decisions. That eveyone but them is hoodwinked by a 'corporate' media. That they alone see the truth and know best.

What supreme arrogance.

And then the excuses began...

Meanwhile, over on Sydney Indy Media they aren't even discussing the election, in favour of more relevant 'news' such as how the Holocaust was actually a hoax.

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