Sunday, October 03, 2004


BBC Bad, Indymedia REAL Bad...

Indy Media claims it compensates for bias in the mainstream (sorry, evil corporate scum) media.

Looking at this BBC piece demonstrates one example of exactly such bias.

The text of the BBC article reads:
"Two US Christian volunteers were beaten and robbed by masked attackers they suspect were Jewish settlers while escorting Palestinian children to school."

Islamist terrorists worldwide have attacked aid workers in the past.
The article does not say why the victims "suspected" their attackers to be Jewish settlers and the fact they happened to be masked and threw rocks does leave some room for reasonable doubt does it not?

While a settler spokesman denied any knowledge of the attack and Israeli police are still investigating however, the BBC has already tried and convicted Jews as their headline reads: "Jewish settlers attack US workers".

Perhaps the scare quotes were around the words 'Jewish settlers' to imply that there was some doubt? Not that there would be any doubt in the mind of anyone actually reading the piece. Thank you BBC.

But what's the relevance of BBC bias to a blog about Indy Media I hear you ask? This article where even the BBC's bias was eclipsed by an Indy Media headline stating :
Two peace activists [sic] volunteers were beaten and robbed by Jewish Thugs.

Naturally the Indy Media version deliberately avoids any of the (albeit scarce) detail from the BBC article which might suggest there's more to the story, but what did you expect?

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