Saturday, September 04, 2004


UK Indymedia attempt boycott

Indymedia UK: You're either with us or against us. An interesting comparison between both sides of one story as reported on Indymedia.

On one hand: Indymedia protesters, trying to organise a boycott of UK department store Marks and Spencer and calling themselves "Victory to the Intifada" (which I can only read as "complete and violent end to Israel"). They refer to "the usual heckling from the Zionist counter-demonstration, organised by Betar, reaching a new level of hysteria and filth."

Isn't it interesting how it's only okay for some protesters to say and do whatever they please?

On the other hand: "Betar-Tagar Shaliach Shimon Shamila added: "Some Muslim extremists were shouting anti Semitic and anti Israel slogans but were stopped by the police before becoming violent."

Hmmm.. Indymedia posters versus their arch-enemy, the poh-leese. Who do you want to believe? Isn't it interesting how Indymedia accuses (evil corporate scum) corporate media of only telling one side of the story...

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