Thursday, September 02, 2004


Online occupation

Vancouver Indymedia had a wonderful invitation to an "Online occupation of the White House" and no further details.
Being a good little Neoconist, I am told that I am always up for some occupation so surfed on over to find out exacly WTF an 'online occupation' is.
I found instead a page entitled "Tell Bush the World Says No". On it, was a passionate thank you from the author saying more than 2000 people had hit the website I just visited and told Bush they said no. Well actually, I just visited it as the IMC page said nothing at all. Whoops... I guess I'm now counted in the statistics.
Here's a nicer statistic: 36 people registered through the "Live March site" in the space of 5 days. What an awesome turnout! I guess that's all the evidence that Indy types need that the whole world says no to Bush (albeit twenty or thirty at a time).
When will these protest-types wake up? In a democracy, if you want to argue that everyone says no, it's called election results. Most of the world isn't a democracy with that luxury howver, and that's where their attention should be focused. As much as they don't want to hear it, there really are more evil dictators out there than Dubya.

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