Sunday, September 19, 2004


A modern day fairy tale blood libel

It's not uncommon for any article indicating criminal activity of Israelis or Jews abroad to receive airtime on Indy Media, howsoever small (speeding fines were one example). The obvious intent is to smear all Jews because of the actions of a few.

Occasionally though, the story on its own doesn't make them look bad enough so the author embellishes it to make the Jews Israelis look even worse.

In this instance, the Israelis arrested in Los Angeles weren't just drug dealers (as reported here) but were, (according to Sydney Indy Media's scoop) in fact trying to poison their victims by lacing the drugs with arsenic. This latter addition was made up by the article's poster. That is, it was a total lie.

And the inevitable protest at this blood-libel was of course followed by the usual anti-Semite trump-card: "Jews call everyone an anti-Semite therefore such claims are null and void" (even though they are entirely justified as is the case here).

Naturally, despite protest, the article has not been deleted from the site suggesting Indy Media's managerial approval, if not involvement in this disgraceful smear.

Update 22 Sep: Apparently at least one of the site's moderators are now aware of the problems with the article, yet have indicated they will not do anything about it (but appreciate the complainant "taking the time to point out inaccuracies in others' stories").

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