Wednesday, September 22, 2004


From the same people that brought you Massacre at Jenin...

An episode of Frasier prompted me to poke around Seattle's Indy Media.
Hoping to find some truly inspiring anti-globalisation tirades from the same people who brought us S11, I found instead more of the same.

In this case, the "Weekly Report On Human Rights Violations" in the Palestinian areas.

Here we go... My favourite bit was:

The difference between the suicide bomber and soldier(s) killing
civilian population including children, is the IDF uniform and the US tax dollar in foreign aid .

Silly me! Thank heavens for Indy Media. There I was believing the difference was that Palestinian suicide bombers deliberately and strategically target children, women and civilians again and again, whereas Israelis (and the US for that matter) do not. I'm glad that was cleared up!

Then we get to comments like: "7 of the victims were extra-judicially executed by Israeli troops". Naturally the specifics are non-existent which is rather a pity as they might indicate exactly who the so-called "civilians" actually are. Not exactly Palestinian school-children. Speaking of non-existent, there's predictably no mention of Palestinian terror efforts including missiles fired into Israel but neither are the specifics of why Palestinians were arrested. Something or other to do with suicide bombing. Hardly a jaywalker! By deliberately omitting this information in the chronological listing of activity by the IDF, the author is forcing you to believe Israelis were just randomly rounding up Palestinians (when not taking pot-shots at them).

Sorry, it just doesn't work that way.

Quite conveniently, the article lists the Israeli Ministry for Foreign Affairs website (to whom complaints about Israeli human rights abuses should be directed). Thanks for the link, it allowed me to see all the stuff that wasn't reported in your 'comprehensive' piece. It also allowed me to see the very same site and information the Indy Media Poster looked at, yet deliberately (and conveniently) ignored.

Thank heavens the Indy Media project provides a forum for biased, incomplete and factually inaccurate articles about Israel. It's what people deserve right?


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You also seem to choose to ignore many facts about the occupation in Gaza don't you think? You are hardly a beacon for critical journalism my friend.
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