Saturday, August 28, 2004


QUEERS FOR PALESTINE! : Vancouver Indymedia

QUEERS FOR PALESTINE! over on Vancouver IndyMedia is just delightful.

Of course thanks to Sodomy Laws dot org we can guess the probable treatment of a Palestinian homosexual, but hey, (and I'm trying really hard here not to make a comment about sodomizing the truth) that shouldn't get in the way of slagging off Israel now should it?

It's not often a man gets to be the first commenter on the first post of a blog. :) Love it. Someone needs to throw the lid off that sewer; may as well be you. :)

Queers for Palestine. Gads. That's like Jews for Hitler. Or Jews for Palestine, for that matter.
Why thank you.

I'm flattered that someone is reading it too!
I can't wait for my first troll :-)

Unfortunately I'm treading a fine line between exposing the sort of bile spewed on those Indy sites versus merely providing more exposure for them. Hopefully my editorialising will clarify any doubt as to the worth of the various articles and the pages on which they stand.
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