Monday, November 06, 2006


Electoral Prediction

Nat emails:
Well Nov 7th is almost upon us and that means that there will be plenty of stories in the Bay Area Indy Media circle talking about voter fraud and Republican possessed Diebold machines speaking in tongues. Karl Rove will be hiding under every wanna-be anarchist's bed and the word "fascist" will be flung around with wild abandon.

Tomorrow I will be keeping a close eye on Indy Media's Santa Cruz, San Francisco (A dead husk) and San Francisco Bay Area sites to see what they will produce.

I wait with baited breath. ;)

Not sure why I'm bothering .... but the election summary I put toegther for Indybay's website doesnt contain any mention of Rove or Deibold in it. I think there is one link (out of dozens of election posts) that focuses on Rove and one or two on voting machines but most focus on people's opinions on candidates and propositions.

It's great your linking to Indybay's election coverage (sine its one more link, it helps increase the story's rating in Google as most Indymedia Watch stories do)
But, I dont know why you need to always be making snide comments...
But, I dont know why you need to always be making snide comments...

Perhaps because you knee-jerk mental cripples deserve it? Where but on the indymedia could you find such award winning "journalism" like holograms!?! brought down the towers in New York on September the 11th?

And why hasn't there been any hue and cry over the Chavez connection to voting machines? Perhaps because of his alignment with the idol of the Unbathed, Cindy She-man?

The indymedia exists for and is populated solely by mental ward escapees. If you can't handle the truth, then tough titty.
>it helps increase the story's rating in Google

Come on you guys. Cut it out. We're trying to stay under the radar.
>indymedia . . . is populated . . . by mental ward escapees

You mean this mental cripple?
I predict that the Democoms will be defeated to the point of extintion. At least that is my sincerest hope. I fear them in power, because they will do any and everything to accomadate the Islamofacist who would like nothing better than to see you and I dead. I do so fear wearing a burkah, and having to make those high pitched gutteral sounds too.
You mean this mental cripple?

Yep, that's nessie, so desperate he'll post links back to his dying sewer from *any* site. But that's okay. His days are numbered. MI6 and the Mossad and the Tal Shiar and the Obsidian Order told me so.
Now look what nessie's done:
It appears the Election Thieves of the left (such as ACORN members, for example) had no need to worry.

Notice there's no talk today of lawyers en masse, no mad dogs, no water hoses? That's the difference between the Right and the snot-nosed terrorist fellators - we take our lumps like adults.
nessie: "Now look what nessie's done"

Referred to himself in the third-person again, confirming that he's not only a hideously attention-starved personality but stark barking farking mad?

This is not news. It happens all the time.
"Perhaps because you knee-jerk mental cripples deserve it? Where but on the indymedia could you find such award winning "journalism" like holograms!?! brought down the towers in New York on September the 11th?"

When you say YOU, who do you mean.
Indymedias get a lot of posts and some of the people writing articles for Indymedia Watch are likely also posters on Indybay (unless the progressive proIsrael types who used to post here are now gone and its all Pombo and Santrum loving Republicans running this blog)
When you say YOU, who do you mean.

Are you somehow trying to imply that the indymedia isn't a sanctuary for MENSA rejects?

The indymedia overflows, like a toilet, with the stupidest of the stupid. If you can't handle that simple fact, too bad.
>the stupidest of the stupid

For example:


The "peace movement" is a fraud. The Grateful Dead, the Merry Pranksters, and many (most) others in the entertainment industry are freemason satanists. The "peace movement" of the 60s was a totally orchestrated mind control operation of freemason change agents. There is very little doubt in my mind that indymedia is also a product of spoiled brats of very wealthy freemason families. SMASH THE LEFT. SMASH FREEMASONRY. THE GRATEFUL DEAD ARE FREEMASON SATANISTS, JUST LIKE STEWART BRAND AND THE MERRY PRANKSTERS KEN KESEY AND KEN BABBS.


* * * * *

Actually, a better example would be nessie of SF, who claimed that he was being forged by the Zionist Conspiracy™. Yeah, that's right - whoever it was that defended nessie ended up being a prescient agent of the Zionists, who foresaw some of nessie's talentless idiocy two years beforehand!

You simply have to see nessie's rambling incoherence to believe it:
Oh my god.

Indy Media Watch is run by a unaccountable elite of one who allows complete lies and fabrication to be posted on the blog or deletes posts without adequate explanation. There seem to be no clear rules and they are applied inconsitantly. People are regularly allowed to post comments while pretending to be many different people yet the owner of the site makes no effort to expose the such dishonesty even though it is within their capabilities. However, the owner is quite happy to trawl through logs to expose the IP address of posters who point this out.

The Indy Media Watch blog is a travesty of inconsistancy and hypocracy - a den of misfits banned from indymedia sites around the world and huddling together like a little self help group for the terminally stupid.

Again and again the blog cherry picks something from the hundreds of posts to indymedia open newsires around the world and tries make them representative of the collectives who admin the sites. The double standards expressed by The Watcher and the rest of the deluded fools posting on this blog as if they are exposing some great travesty, is something to behold.

Yes, welcome to Indy Watch Blog - where disruptive trolls banned from Indymedia come to play.
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