Thursday, October 19, 2006


Sydney Gasping?

A message on Sydney Indymedia concerning the closure of a related activist website's hosting includes this comment, apparently by one of the Sydney admins:
Sydney Indymedia will be moving to for hosting.

The reason c@t is no longer doing hosting is because there are not enough volunteers left to keep everything going. Simple.


The Sydney IMC collective has whithered away over the last few years. There is only a few of us left doing a large amount of work. If there is not a significant influx of volunteers to the collective in the next few months, we all may see the end of Sydney Indy.
I should note, for the record, that Sydney Indymedia appears to have been dramatically cleaned up since the last time I had a good look at it. It would seem consigning Faruque Ahmed permanently to the trash is a large part of this. So, credit where credit is due.

However, there is no shame and much honour in deciding to close something down rather than let it fester. This is not failure. I have previously called for Indymedia seppuku and as I said at the time:
I am not looking to offend anyone with this. I am not trying to censor anyone, nor am I interested in gloating after Indymedia's demise should this take place.
It's a difficult decision to make, but a responsible one is needed. Other IMC's have demonstrated such responsibility whereas some remain in utter denial.

Of course they are closing down. The Indymedia idea, brilliant in its thought but dreadful in its application has failed because the sites are quickly taken over by a small group of individuals that push their own agendas and destroy the site.
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