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Global Dumbination

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UK Indymedia carries the astonishing news, that
In capital letters no less!

The Christian lobby, Environmental lobby, Womens lobby, Black lobby, Muslim Lobby, Chinese Lobby and Gay lobby are of course furious they aren't getting the attention they deserve.

Via comments on another post:
this load of anti semitic filth was at first hidden (and rightly so) but one of the Indymedia UK editorial board thought it quite acceptable and un-hid it. The claim that Jews are dictating US foriegn policy of course being all the rage now on IM
It has been "all the rage" for quite some time. As a later comment on the UK Indymedia page notes:
Oh, those pesky, pesky Jews, running the world with their International Jewish Conspiracy again. When will they ever learn?

Good thing that we've got UK Indymedia to alert the world to the ever-growing Jew threat to civilization. Otherwise, people would be forced to turn to neo-Nazi sites and David Irving to get this kind of information.
Indeed. Nazi groups are also furious they aren't getting the attention the deserve. How could they possibly compete with Indymedia?

Update: While the above article remains visible on the newswire, this comment has been hidden:
Enough now please.

Most of us that look at the newswire are used to having to plough through the anti-semitism that is dressed up as a concern for the Palestinians but this load of crap really takes the biscuit. Why hasn't it been sent to the Hidden file where it belongs.

The newswire is losing both contributors and readers because of the non stop emphasis on Jews and Israel and this will not help. Let's get back to talking about issues relating to UK activism and remember that racism when it is directed against Jews can not be excused by calling them Zionists.

Rick in London
Good one UK Indymedia...

Update: A comment to this post:
Fame at last for the Indymedia Watch site !!!
This series of comments to the original post has been quoted in a number of round robin emails flying between the select central group of admins on the Indymedia UK site.

ex-IMC er
Fame at last! Gosh and it's only been two and a half years. Perhaps my new found readers at UK Indymedia will pay heed to what I've been saying all along... Then again, there's always The Jews.

At least there is some controversy simmering on the features list:

Rather interesting that a couple of the admins haven't spotted Counterpunch as being a pseudointellectual ZOG-lite repository.

Hey why don't you sign up as a volunteer and just hide this shit?
Open war has broken out between Indymedia UK admins over this post. Many very unpleasent emails being sent.

It may well be the tide has turned and those with the problems over the Jewish question are on the run !!!
It may well be the tide has turned and those with the problems over the Jewish question are on the run !!!

The Jewish question?
Chris, one of the lot now trying to turn the main UK site into a copy of the dubious Sheffield one is responsible for unhiding this comment. He helps run this regional site which is heavy on 911 theories as well as other crap for example:

"How the FBI protected Al Qaeda’s 9/11 Hijacking Trainer"

"9/11 - Five Years Later: The Official Story Falls Apart"

"Torture By Satellite "

and my absolute favourite,

" Is your rubbish bin bugged? "

e-mails continue to fly between various moderators as more and more people complain about the anti semitism on the UK site.
Watch this space !
In answer to the Watcher ....

"the Jewish Question" is what some who have been complaining about the anti Jewish bias have started to call it. It is being used as the language is provocative and helps to show exactly what SOME on Indymedia are doing.

"the Jewish Question" refers to the practice of trying to link Israel or Jews in general to events around the world and trying to blame them for problems.
This post now claims that Bush is acting under orders from Israel !!!

Despite being on the newswire for 24 hours and receiving comments of protest it remains.
Chris & the Sheffield closed ward would be fucking hilarious... if they were posting somewhere else!

As for Jordan and his prisonplanet, rense, kurt nimmo, counterpunch reposts= very tiresome.

I'm all for people seriously examining the events of 9/11, 7/7 et al, but when it always boils down to no evidence and a suspicious propensity for blaming Mossad, Israel, CIA and MI5/6 (when they can get the respective agency correct) it just makes IM look like some fucking Madrassa for Aryan Nations militias.

The scary thing is these fuckwits have no self-awareness of their ultra-right wing racism.

What the fuck is the excuse of the majority of IM admins???
The problem with examining the events of 9/11 and 7/7 is that using sensible rational examination of the facts and events a person comes to the conclusion that a group of young Muslim men whose views and opinions had been perverted by religious extremists killed themselves and others.

For those who run and control Indymedia this is just not acceptable, unless they can find a link to Jews, Bush, Neocons or the some shady intelligence organisation they will regard the entire thing as a cover up.
Fame at last for the Indymedia Watch site !!!
This series of comments to the original post has been quoted in a number of round robin emails flying between the select central group of admins on the Indymedia UK site.

ex-IMC er
Madrassa for Aryan Nations militias

Okay, boys and girls, repeat after me until you get it right: there isn't an atom's worth of difference between the Unbathed (leftists) and the skinheads and/or the IslamoFascists.
What I find offensive is the attempt on Indymedia to try and turn Zionist into a prejorative term. This is so they can have a word to use when they are critical of Jews but don't want to say it.

In case anybody doesn't realise it Zionism is belief in the existence and preservation of a Jewish state (which, not coincidentally, is the original definition coined by Theodor Herzl in the late 19th century, before various interest groups co-opted the term).
What I find offensive -- goddamned offensive -- is that these are centuries-old antisemitic stereotypes being repackaged by "progressives" for "progressives", but the Indymedia channels have been so thoroughly desensitized to the issues of antisemitism that the folks of UK Indymedia just can't imagine why a post about How The Jews Buy All The American Elections And Run The World might just possibly, potentially, perhaps not be a "progressive" stance after all.

For years I have been trying, with various degrees of success, to get some Indymedia channels to see where their "no insult of Zionists is too strong, no defense of Zionists can be published" program of rhetorical demonization has been leading them.

Well, now we see it out in the open; this UK post isn't even pretending to hide behind the "we're not talking about Jews but Zionists" figleaf that folks like nessie give such a workout when trying to cloak their antisemitism. It is an ugly path they set themselves on, and it's not surprising that they've gotten to such an ugly destination.

UK Indymedia has no excuse whatsoever.

Neither, incidentally, does the antisemite nessie of (the wrecked remains of) SF-IMC:

I think perhaps part of the problem is that they feel that their empathy for the arabs in the occupied territories excuses their racists stance (egg & chicken?).

I think some genuinely believe that Israeli civillians are fair game, whereas Palestinians etc. aren't.

It's funny how these are the same pricks who try to make out that the rest of us are blinded by propaganda! Or that we are pro-Israeli when we ask for some accuracy and speak out against racism.

Yeah, the US backs Israel in an unhealthy way; yeah the Israelis outgun everyone else in region (though they can still get their arses kicked). Which doesn't legitimise killing any civillians nor does it pardon racial stereotypes and racist hokum.

I can totally understand some kid from Rafah whose family has been killed by IDF loading up with Mother of Satan and heading for an Israeli soft target. And likewise how some IDF kid can go either trigger happy or kill crazy. It's a low intensity guerilla war- the worst kind.

Unlike some of these fuckwits on IM, I feel very sad for both sides when that happens.

IM is in desperate need to implement its own rules regarding racism, innacuray and non-news.

It's the only way to deal with nutcases who are 100% convinced that Mossad are behind every terrorist act since King Herod.
I stongly believe that the problem is not with the majority of those who read and contribute to the various Indymedia sites but with the small groups that run them.
This is a particular problem in the UK where decision making used to be among a much larger group but now it is more or less 100% controlled by a small clique with an agenda.
I doubt anybody with a brain cell goes for this - Jews run the world bullshit - although various IM sites gave been pushing it for years.

Perhaps they are the ones who think Iranian TV tells the truth as well ???
the problem is not with the majority of those who read and contribute to the various Indymedia sites but with the small groups that run them.

The problem is that such poor editorial practice can only hurt Indymedia readership.

A few months ago I tried to convince an Indymedia editor for another collective (again, a very small group who had driven away the rest of the collective) that it wasn't a good thing to have a poster who wrote "Mein Kampf is wonderful." The editor responded that banning that poster would have been censorship, which is not the Indymedia way, and that I was free to reply to the post and my ability to reply is what kept the site antiracist.

Well, how ineffably stoopid is that? What progressive wants to post on a site where "Protocols of the Elders is wonderful" is also editorially sanctioned as acceptable discourse?

And what's the result? He's running a ghost town. Last time I checked, out of the last forty or so posts, only two had any kind of response -- one being the Saskatchewan antisemite Jordan Thornton, replying to himself, and the other being the guy who called Mein Kampf "wonderful" replying to himself.

Well my friend you have caused a right old storm at Indymedia UK. Your story and the comments to it caused a number of regular contributors to do some research on the hiding pages and to question who was really running the site. Those who do some occasional work for the newswire have realised how they have been compromised by the small group who have been trying to gain full control. Last night (UK time) a number of people had their passwords removed and this morning the reporting e-mail List was suspended with a number of emails removed from the public area so the extent of the outcry could not be seen.
The line seems to be to try and ignore the protests in the hope it will go away and there has been lots of reports (some simply copies of other reports) about a minor event at the London Mexican embassy to try and divert attention. The hidden pages have been cleansed as of this morning with perhaps 30 posts being removed altogether to prevent viewing. All posts are now being reviewed for content before coming up on the newswire and many are not being allowed.

Of course those who are objecting are being labled Trolls, Zionists and Neocons in the usual manner.

Keep it up Indymedia Blogspot, we are winning.

ex IMC er
There doesn't seem to be any discussion of this on their open mailing lists. Is the reporting mail list you describe open?

For david gehrig

David, yes and no. The discussion was on the public list but all evidence of it was removed this morning (UK time) they are now discussing this via the non public list and a number of private e-mails. Posts and comments about the issue continue to be made to the newswire but these are quickly being removed.

As far as the UK site is concerned this is a common practice (one which I stongly objected to when I was doing a lot of work on the site) when the admins are being shown to have broken their own Editorial Guidelines.

ex IMC 'er
Is there another site or list that you can use for open discussion? It sounds like trying to argue about a clique's censorship through a channel where that same clique can cut off all debate is a losing proposition, because from the outside nobody has any documentation that the discussion is even going on, let alone in a censored way.


This is a review of a book by James Petras. He is an outspoken critic of such Leftist pundits as Noam Chomsky and Michael Klare. To hear him be interviewed, click here:
Hahahahaha! All dissenting comments have been hidden.

I think the fundamental problem is this fucking Chris idiot from Sheffield. If IMUK had nay sense they'd boot his arse of the admin post and disavow the loony Sheffield site.

Before he appeared, the admins were getting quite responsive to hiding stupid conspiracy crap and jewhate posts.

If you are still reading this Chris, please fuck off and leave us alone on IMUK.

Take dh, cw, Jordan, Jackslucid, Brdget "Anus" Dunne, Twilight and any other idiot who cites Prisonplanet, GlobalResearch, Counterpunch, WRH and Jeff (I love Zuendel!) Rense, and those two pisstakers who used to mop floors in MI5 with you.

Go form a militia on Anthrax Island or something.

But that would actually involve DOING something...
It's amazing that anti-semitic fascist sites such as PrisonPlanet are still being cited by Indymedia UK's correspondents such as the ranting 'Twilight' without challenge from the IMC collective. (PrisonPlanet isn't just anti-Jewish; they're macho gay-haters and anti-women as well). In short,these people belong to the tradition of the far right, not the left.
It's not the "Jewish" Lobby, it's tie Israel Lobby. And, yes, it does exercise undue control over America's Middle East policy.

Hey Lee Doyle a.k.a. nessie, you're enjoying being banned from and having your posts hidden at UC-IMC? How does it feel being made an example at UC-IMC of what happens to avowed antisemites? Anyone can go to the hidden files and readily notice how David Gehrig humiliates you and you're totally powerless to change it.

Keep having fun.
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