Thursday, September 14, 2006


Zionist Squatters Take over Utah IMC?

As previously noted, Utah IMC had gone feral, with a newswire largely out of control.

Via email:
Utah was an IMC without a collective, for a collective without an IMC.

In the rich and colorful tradition of anarcho-zionism we have decided to adopt Utah as our own, in an effort to raise the standards of IMC broadcasting to include such novel ideas as truth and accuracy. Its been a struggle.

Not having any actual editorial power makes it even more of a struggle. We are squatting. However, the anti-Zionists haven't figured that out yet. They've been sending warnings throughout the network that Utah IMC has been taken over, and that we are harvesting IPs to send to Mossad. If it weren't so damned pitiful, their paranoia might actually be funny.
It starts with another "What's wrong with Indymedia" post and goes from there.

This should be interesting...

good stuff.
But hey, why not squat IMC-ISRAEL ??
It is most jewhating section of IMC what I ever seen.
Obviously Mosad-agents are TOO SOFT on the Nazimedia.
one quote-
<<... identifying the violent, supremacist Cult you belowng to for what it is.

The only way for Israelis to achieve peace is to strip the violent Zionist Extremists from power.
Parallels between Nazism, Zionists striking
by Wendy Campbell<<

just look at
Another failed experiment. I just can't keep up with the spam bots, which at this point are more annoying and more prolific than the anti-Zionists.
Anybody have any suggestions? Anyone know a clever 16 year old hacker?
Don't even joke about hacking.

We all know that nessie hacked his own website for publicity, but even mentioning hacking in jest will give more fuel to the paranoid schizophrenic mental cripples.
Its wilder than you think. Because Utah Indy now has a host of pro-Israel materials up, an editor from Indybay is currently spamming Utah Indy with porn and poker links. If the "anti-zionists" can't control your opinions, they will do their best to make sure that you can't express your opinions.
Firstly, I fail to see why Tia used the tern squattors, implying we've invaded the site and overtook it illegally. Does she feel guilty or something? Utah-IMC had been adandoned by its editorial collective. It wasn't like active IMC life was occuring there.

Secondly, the site is now under a porn redirect attack as is LA-IMC. Yesterday an editor known as 'toady' whose real name is probably Matt posted smut photos as comments to a few articles. Short of obtaining the administrative passwords to Utah in order to control the spam, this 'toady' creature can only be stopped by admitting him to a loony bin.
However, he's doing quite a good job discrediting Indymedia and hastening its demise.
Believe me, it's not just whoever that "toady" is. Another well known freakshow from the SF area, (who for years has spammed about COINTELPRO injecting noise and confusion), also goes into spamming rages every now and again.
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