Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Obvious but Wrong

I have spent altogether too much time today on Youtube watching clips of the brilliant Stephen Fry in his British Quiz Show Qi.

Contestants lose points if they give an obvious (but wrong) answer, of which for most questions there are several.

Along the same lines comes an article originally in the Irish Times.
Now that a ceasefire in Lebanon has been agreed there will, no doubt, be numerous inquests and questions asked about the month-long Lebanon war. So here's some we would like to ask.

Which country invaded its neighbour in mid-2006 in order to, as they put it,“crush” Islamists threatening regional stability?

Which country killed an estimated 500 people in a week when its artillery began bombarding its long-time guerrilla enemy in late July 2006, causing mass displacement and suffering?
Which country? The obvious answer, is wrong. Click here for the surprising answer.

When they say Zionists they mean Jews
when they say Israelis they mean Jews
When they say...... they mean Jews

anti-semitism is at the heart of all protests against Israel
I guessed Russia.
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