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This Just In: Miami Indymedia Loves Mel Gibson!

I tried so hard today to find an article that did not somehow deal with the Jews. But alas, the distaste for those of the Jewish faith by an overwhelming portion of the Indymedia community foiled my attempt.

Oh well, if I have to point out yet another blatant anti-Semitic post at an Indymedia website, it might as well concern Mel Gibson. Mark Green of Miami Indymedia has some things to say about Mel Gibson too.

I find Gibson’s recent comments to be stupid and classic anti-Semitism; Green finds them overflowing with truth. As he explains:
“Does actor and director Mel Gibson deserve a Hollywood-style blacklisting because of "anti-Semitic comments" he made to a cop during a hum-drum DUI arrest? The simple answer is this: No. Never. Not even close.”

Ok, I can agree with that. I don’t think blacklisting is appropriate. I also don’t think it would work. Heck, I would still go see a Mad Mel movie if it were good. Green and I quickly differ in opinion however,as he goes on to say:
“In fact, though Gibson should certainly be rebuked for his threats to an arresting officer, emotional outburst, and the idiotic timing of his political remarks, he should be respected for his bold convictions.”

Oh God…
Just what was his most "disgraceful" remark?--that "the Jews are responsible for all the world's wars"? Oh my! Never! No truth there! Here's another unforgivable line (to the arresting officer): "Are you a Jew"? How rude! Criminal! Just thinking about it makes me tremble.”

“Indeed, the gatekeepers who manufacture and regulate public anxiety want desperately to keep the heat on Mel. Why? They know that Mel's not on their side. Indeed, Gibson certainly understands--and probably disdains--international Jewry for their political project know as the State of Israel. Thus, the real issue isn't Gibson's alleged "bigotry", but duplicitous and lethal conduct of the Jewish State.”

Again, it is now completely acceptable in many people’s eyes to claim that an entire race of people have a “political project”. At one point a number of folks believed Jews were out to eat Christian children, or water down a Nation’s ethnic purity. The belief that the Jews are somehow responsible for conflict in the world is classic anti-Semitism. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. And yet, these very ideas are back in style.

At this moment in history, world Jewry is deliberately doing damage to America, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and many other countries as they militantly advance Israeli interests over all others. Many people are suffering greatly, enduring constant fear, and/or being killed. This is wrong.

If this makes me an anti-Semite then I wear the badge proudly.”

At least Mr. Green admits his prejudice, but the stupidity and bigotry of his comments leave me speechless. How can this still be happening in our day and age? Better yet, how can organizations and websites that claim to detest racism allow this type of nonsense to persist?

Mark Green is the "Mar" of "Marwen Media"; his girlfriend Wehrmacht Wendy Campbell is the "Wen."

There is an excellent cartoon in todays Australian newspaper called 'The Passion of Mel', with Mel crucified on a hill of empty liquor bottles blaming the you know whos for his predicament.,10114,5204025,00.jpg
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