Friday, July 28, 2006


Swimming Against The Tide - Because It's There

Sydney Indymedia is begging to piss off the Australian Prime Minister, with this article - John Howard Pedophile - The hidden True Story featuring an image I don't dare reprint.

A comment notes:
talk about magnet for a shut down
imc put at risk?
At risk of what? Being taken seriously? Not likely. As for the Australian Government shutting the site down, that's not very likely either, although I can't say Indymedia didn't have it coming.

This interesting map shows the location of all the global Indymedia sites. You'll see some prominent absences in Russia and the Middle East (except Israel). I've detailed the background to this previously and nobody on Indymedia seems to care that much.

Isn't it touching however, that those who take true freedom of speech for granted use it so responsibly. Those without would be shaking their heads.


I take your point, however a single Russian Indymedia site does not disprove my argument.

As for Beirut Indymedia, it might as well be "bash Israel" Indymedia, bears a striking resemblance to other sites and is otherwise useless. I have searched it for material discussing Hizb'allah and found nothing but the same old, same old. It's disappointing. Indeed I would not be surprised if it was a Hizb'allah outpost and have noted Indymedia support for this terrorist group in the past.

However, this lack of dissent is precisely what I'd expect in most of the Middle East, where bloggers can be hanged and dissidents jailed or tortured. Again, my point about those with freedom of speech taking it for granted stands.
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