Thursday, July 27, 2006


The List

One of the posts on a political discussion forum - Essembly, contains a lengthy list of articles discussing antisemitism by the radical left and examples thereof.

Having revealed so much of it on Indymedia, this site features prominently.

A comment on that forum refers to me and notes:
Indymedia: Rather than listing the problem with each one let me be the first to point out Indymedia sites pointed to are open content publishing systems. Anyone can publish on these types of Indymedia sites and they do not represent the views of Indymedia at all. The author of the blog with a hard on for Indymedia is just too stupid to realize this point.
I've heard this excuse before and dealt with it then. Merely saying "we're not responsible" for something you set up, doesn't actually mean you aren't responsible. As for calling me stupid, he critiques the third item on the list noting:
Indymediawatch. This is a blog entry to an article that doesn't exist.
Uhh... It does. Look again. Feeling stupid?

Speaking of stupid, some of the other comments on the site are typical:
Complete shyte. Any time someone disagrees with Israeli policy people cry "Anti-Semite!"

You can all fuck off.
Okay, but before we do, can we refer you to one of the articles on the list where Alan Dershowitz writes:
The newest form of bigotry is to claim that I and others who generally support Israel argue that "anyone who criticizes Israel is an anti-Semite." This is a bald-faced lie.
I always criticize specific Israeli policies, Israeli leaders, and Israeli actions. Most Israelis criticize specific policies. Israel is among the most self-critical countries in the world. Several years ago, I offered a large monetary award (payable to the PLO) for anyone who could actually come up with a quote by a prominent pro-Israeli writer who equated mere criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism. No one came to collect the reward, because no respectable person has ever made this absurd claim.
I doubt that the bald-faced lie is likely to disappear.

I'll say what this site owner cant - Shep S. is a mental cripple, as advertised by his "vote Democrat" avatar. The indymedia is the sum of it's congregational cockroaches, and he needs look no further than a fellow mental cripple, nessie of the SF indy. Just try and make a post in Israel's defense at SF and see how long it lasts. nessie has publicly said there will be no defense of Israel.

nessie is also well documented as posting his hate for Jews on indymedias around the world, so Shep S is just a leftist with a hard-on for stupidity.
I was involved with the UK collective up until a year ago. The level of anti-semitism is just awful and I thought it was beyond help. These people saw Jews as being behind nearly every problem. 9/11, that was Mossad. London bombings, that was a Jewish sleeper cell. Asian Tsunami, Israeli mini nuke. The bigotry dominates the site and in the end destoyed its credibility.
I became frustrated because I still remain commited to the idea that the world needs a true independent media service but Indymedia certainly isn't it.

I am actually the poster of the original resolve, Pat Carnell. I was shocked by the number of people bringing out the tired "Anti-Israel doesn't mean anti-Semitic" claim. I made sure to avoid linking to mere criticisms of Israel, choosing only outright Jew-hatred, excessive criticism, and double-standards. A few, namely "Naveed Khan," even resorted to actually AGREEING that "Zionists are Nazis" but still claimed victim status. Its pure denial of what is screamingly obvious about the left, but if they don't want to do anything to help themselves, all the better for the Republicans.
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