Monday, July 24, 2006


Indymedia and Hezbollah

With the current events in the Middle East, most Indymedia sites are taking a break from their usual Israel bashing, to.... Bash Israel.

Nothing changes.

Looking at several IMC sites, notably (yet unsurprisingly) UK Indymedia, one can see a litany of hysterical articles condemnatory of everything Israel does.

No surprises there. However, it is instructive to note Indymedia's prior relationship with Hezbollah.

I documented this last year in my report on Indymedia and Terrorists where even the PR person for a Holocaust-denying listed terrorist organization, came across as more objective than the Indymedia journalist.

The mistake here is to think that those who post to IM are objective or unbiased - they're not and that's the point. By going on about how the mainstream media is biased and all owned by Jews they can justify publishing their own warped view of the world and calling it facts.
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