Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Wacky Miami

Defenders of Indymedia frequently point out that much of the crazy stuff remains 'buried' on the (open, often unmoderated) newswire and you can judge the quality of Indymedia by what gets 'promoted' to the front page by the local moderators.

I've just had a glance at Miami Independent Media Center which appears to have....Issues.

On the front page, four out of the five top articles are:

JFK Murder Solved - Bush Sr. Link to Kennedy Assassination
A thorough, documented, criminal indictment of George Herbert Walker Bush, establishing beyond a reasonable doubt his guilt as a supervisor in the conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy.
Evidence that 9/11 was an Inside Job
Here is a collection of videos on the web about the events of 911. Necessary viewing for anybody curious as to why this issue continues to be brought up, or who has doubts to the validities of the claim that 911 was an Inside Job.
9/11: Black Boxes from WTC Found by Firefighters, Analyzed by NTSB, Concealed by FBI
One of the more puzzling mysteries of 9-11 is what ever happened to the flight recorders of the two planes that hit the World Trade Center towers. Now it appears that they may not be missing at all. Counterpunch has learned that the FBI has them.
BYU Physics Prof Finds Thermate in WTC Physical Samples, Building Collapses an Inside Job
Based on chemical analysis of WTC structural steel residue, a Brigham Young University physics professor has identified the material as Thermate. Thermate is the controlled demolition explosive thermite plus sulfur. Sulfur cases the thermite to burn hotter, cutting steel quickly and leaving trails of yellow colored residue.
Pertaining to the last one, there is an excellent study of this Professor's 'discovery' here.

Needless to say, their newswire is far, far worse.

Also on the Miami newswire, comes this call for supporters:
I've checked the network, and there doesn't seem to be a Central Florida imc. I have recently moved to the orlando area from Cleveland, OH where I was an active member of the cleveland imc collective for several years. Another former imc member I know also lives in Florida atm, and is interested in forming a Central Florida imc.

If anyone else in the Central Florida region is also interested in formed an imc...
Cleveland does appear to be way better than Miami IMC (not that this is hard). However, does our motivated young friend really need to set up another Florida site while Miami looks the way it does? What's the point of another so-called 'local site' which may end up full of 'global' stories about Bush (and Israel) and not a whole lot else? What's the point. Clean up Miami before you spawn its offspring.

On another note, a question for readers. Given the mass of anti-Bush (rather than anti-Bush or anti-Republican politics) prevalent on the newswire, let's say, Bush was impeached, indicted or whacked tomorrow. What then?

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