Monday, June 26, 2006


Strange Accusations

Speaking of dickheads, Faruque Ahmed of all people has accused others of Internet sockpuppetry.

In this case, by accusing one Sydney Indymedia regular - "Nazihunter" of secretly being "Cam" a Sydney Indymedia moderator, who frequently censors Nazihunter. Go figure.
Zionised Cam

You do not have any respect for free speech, facts or any types of logic! You should be ashamed of your zionisation. I suspect you are zio-nazi-hunter under the guise of "cam".

Cam. do you like zio-nazi ethnic cleansing?

I'm confused
Submitted by Xenu on Mon, 2006/06/26 - 4:31am.

If Cam is Nazihunter, and Nazihunter is me, why do I hide my own posts?
Submitted by 5 on Mon, 2006/06/26 - 7:04am.

Because its all part of our secret jewish plot.

Notice how Faruque has failed to respond to any of the reasonable comments made on this thread?
Oh bloody hell.
Submitted by Nazihunter on Mon, 2006/06/26 - 7:33am.

Cam can't stand me.

Now that it turns out I am Cam, I am going to have to commit suicide in a most entertaining fashion. Any suggestions?
Death by Faruque perhaps?

In Faruque Ahmed's twisted mind, two people with fundamentally opposing political viewpoints are really the same person, simply because one thing they seem to agree on, is that Faruque Ahmed is an ass.

This sort of self defeating argument is not as rare as you think. If you think such an opinion is crazy (and let's face it, Faruque Ahmed is crazy) consider the bizarra Bush/Mossad/Saudi triangle previously mentioned here.

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