Thursday, June 01, 2006


Jews. Again.

Melbourne Indymedia has a baffling piece entitled:A time to kill. (Hat tip: Evil Pundit)

Someone, presumably with plenty of time to kill, states:

What's on “OUR ABC”? Our ABC? Yeah, the one we pay for with the expectation of getting straight news but which gets used by the conservative arse worms for their purposes. Yeah! That ABC!

The World Today – The Governments Premier Midday News Vehicle for Australia.

First Item of business – Headline - Jewboy War booster (don't edit this, or hide it MIM, I'm warning you!)

“Michael Rubin is a former member of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq and a former adviser to the US Defence Secretary on Iraq and Iran, and he says this offer by the Bush administration is dangerously naive. “

Jewboy Rubin doesn't want a peaceful resolution with Iran, he wants to attack.

Who is this Jewboy? Why does he get top billing?

Jewboy was the former Adviser to the Defence Department, who's now scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, Michael Rubin, who was speaking to me from Washington.

What's he going to do about it?

What have they done to my FUCKING ABC!?!?

What else is on my ABC?

How about Seppo cunts justifying torturing illegally held prisoners to death? Why not?


The 75 detainees have joined three other prisoners, who've been on a hunger strike since last August and who are now being force-fed. “

What's that? They take you prisoner, you have no rights, no trial, no legal representation and if you try to escape this hell via suicide they force feed you to keep you alive?

I want to kill every fucking cunt seppo with my bare hands. Make them pay! Kill a seppo cunt today! Burn them out! Know a seppo cunt? Burn 'em out! Cleanse with fire! Send them back to their rathole.

Okey dokey. A later comment notes:
MIM hates Jews
It's as simple as that.

Yesterday someone posted an article about Muslim attacks on Jews. It was censored.

But today, we have an article attacking Jews, and it's still here.
Another comment, by "just wondering" asks:
Why is this anti-Semitic crap on Indymedia?
The response? typical:
"just wondering" is a well known neo-con stooge who is payed (sic)to troll Indymedias. No surprise this Jewish American Neo-Nazi should find this thread.
So there you have it folks. Australian Indymedia is infested with Jewish American Neo-Nazis. Now they are even getting paid to troll Indymedia.

Time to buy more shares in tinfoil factories...

Anti-semites really DO seem to have a problem with spelling and grammar, huh?
Fisking our favourite Faruque.

Faruque posted this at his own mailling list:

For some reason he is blaming the Jews for our intervention in East Timor but he also managed to come up with this:

'The Portuguese colonialists sucked the blood of East Timor people for
five hundred years. They did nothing to improve the country or the
people. They left them like "apes hanging in the rock"! Even today,
only 5% ET people speak Spanish!! Where as 95% speak Indonesian
despite a short time rule.'

5% of the East Timorese speaking Spanish is quite cosmopolitan, considering the Portugese speak Portugese and not Spanish.

Its also not a very good statistic anyway, given the relatively young age of the East Timorese population. According to the CIA world factbook, over half of the population of East Timor is under 21 years of age.

A better measure might be religion, where 93% of East Timorese are Christian as opposed to 4% Muslim. This is in contrast to Indonesia where the ratios are 8% and 88% respectively.
"Why is this anti-Semitic crap on Indymedia?

"just wondering" is nessie of the SF indy, one of the biggest Jew haters around. The only possible reason he could have posted that is just to inject confusion.
"just wondering"?

You mean *this* just wondering?


just wondering

Watcher, let me clue you in on a few things.

'nessie' is actually Lee Doyle, as I advised you way back. Furthermore, the "Anonymous" above is 'nessie' too. He employs several formats of posts that he carries along with him everywhere he posts over the 'net, so when you run into a post asking "you mean *this* just wondering [or nessie, etc.]?", know it was posted by Lee Doyle aka 'nessie'. You may recall that you deleted his post insisting that Zionists are virtually the same as Nazis. So, knowing he's under your deletion crosshairs, he's now afraid to identify himself by one of his familiar pseudo-nyms or his site and only posts anonymously.
I knew Lee aka Nessie pretty well. For a long time he lived in the industrial part of the east bay in Rodeo I think, with his...JEWISH girlfriend. I forget her name. She was really mean. Mean to me as well and I'm Jewish. What a bitch!

Anyways, Lee Doyle aka Nessie's Jewish gf decided to become a lesbian, and also I think they had an open relationship. She left Lee, aka Nessie.

Lee also has a grown son somewhere, maybe in SF, dunno. I know that years ago Lee aka Nessie moved to the Outer Sunset of SF.

Personally, if you knew him, he's a great guy and charming. Well liked. And I think at one time he was really INTO Jewish women. So this could be a reason that he's so anti-semetic now.

He was also with the very very messed up Kathleen for a while, who was a poet/sm worker.

I am not part of that scene anymore, in fact, I'm very very far away from it, and politically I'm pretty far to the right now.

Lee aka Nessie, when you read this, as I'm sure you will, that anti-Jewish crap is just so wrong, and you know it. Just stop it.

Further, you know you love Jewish women and are pretty addicted to them.

I still care about you Lee (no I was never his lover, just a friend), but I'm disappointed in this anti-Jewish, anti-semetic stuff, and I can not stand Indymedia at all.

I think Indymedia is the left's excuse to hate Jews.

Let's not forget, Hitler was a socialist. What does NAZI stand for? National SOCIALISM.
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