Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Indybay Delusions

When asked about the lack of allowed comments, one Indybay ‘editor’ stated:
“Please bear in mind that this is primarily a NEWS site, not a discussion forum.”


Indybay is the funniest. While supressing all dissenting opinions, the Stalinist editors whine about being "Progressive" and "free speech." Only a priveleged few are permtted to have their comments not deleted. Probably those same whiny editors!
What is funny, is how threatened the rabid, frothing at the mouth pro-israel zealot-nuts get when they have no power on a site...Now that is Laugh Out Loud Funny!
rabid, frothing at the mouth pro-israel zealot-nuts

Interesting. I thought the exact same thing about terrorist fellators.
I would love to see folks actually post under a specific name, even if it is a pseudonym. Do we really need so many anonymous comments?
If users are not registered with Blogger, they can click "Other" under the comment entry box and enter a pseudonym.

It does make it easier to respond to people if they choose a name...
Incidentally, Indybay is now post a revamp. They've restored the hidden comments section, but the catcher is it's in a completely different form whereby only an article's title and summary are visible once hidden. None of the comments posted by "enemies" are accessible.
Another apparent change in policy is the abandonment of autoblocking. Or so it seems.

Now, if you lean on them too hard and too often with the facts they loath and condemn them for censoring your comments, they'll cave in to their old power hungry impulses and resume the autoblocking.

The raving loony editor above and his colleagues still post blatantly antisemitic cartoons and then leave some of them up for posterity. This should remove any doubt as to their being racist Jew haters. Imagine the outcry if an Indybay editor left up an explicitly anti-Muslim cartoon.

Bottom line is, these antisemites can't be trusted any more than they deserved before overhauling their IMC.
Let me just give you a concrete example of the sort of antisemitic cartoons they leave up:


I rest my case.
I Think it is indictive of nerves being hit and truth being told when the obsessed pro-israel nuts crawl out of the woodwork to spam a site like Indybay. When they are that desperate to discredit the site, it means that they are angry. Why would they be so angry? Surely no one would be so insecure that a site that supports the Palestinian cause (one of the relative few) is that threatening?
The above frothing at the mouth baboon is known for achieving hundreds of repeated-spam posts per day on the site. Maybe he should look for a job. At this point he is irrelevant with a capital "I".
Why would they be so angry?

Duh, maybe because the site's full of so much blatant antisemitism it would make ol' Uncle Adolf's heart sing, while supposed "progressives" like you turn a blind eye and make exceptionally lame excuses?

Just a thought. Maybe now you should try having one.

Ever notice that the obsessed nuts (i.e. gehrig) who troll multiple indymedia sites nationwide (just google his name w/ indymedia next to it) ALWAYS use "antisemitism" against the courageous critics of Israel? You will not thsut us down, clown. We will cotninuet to criticize state sponsored terror, whether it's the U.S. Israel, etc. All your obsessed trolling won't stop it.
One thing I have noticed, is the spelling ability of antisemites. Thank you for illustrating my point.
That's funny. Can't deny the lunacy of trolling IMC's nationwide in some obsessed twisted mission to 'defend Israel', but he/she can criticize typos...LOL!
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