Sunday, May 21, 2006


Raining Stupid

Even worse than Acid Rain or (gasp) Purple Rain comes this latest threat, via Vancouver Indymedia:

Zionist rain of Death.

Harry emails:
BC Indy is Back to business as usual
It sure is.
Hezbollah shill: Lawrence "Yizhak" Braithwaite is back to posting hate Israel garbage on a daily basis.

Braithwaite, posting under the handle of "math2112" also regales Indy readers with one of his "soul-on-ice" soliloquy's at

This fellow's a real piece of work. He's Black, gay, an immigrant to Canada from Jamaica, a recent convert to radical Islam and promotes and quotes Farrakhan and Hezbollah's Al Manar "news."
All over Indymedia it seems.
He is a rapper musician and sometime writer, having at one time received some recognition for his work.

Doesn't seem to bother him that they hang "queers" in modern day progressive Iran, though.

Indymedia has a history of this ignorance and defending evil.
Here's a couple of samples of his other erudition:
Elsewhere on the "all new" Victoria Indymedia, the Zionist Evil Rains down:

The Israeli and worldwide Zionist movement doesn't like the current government in Sudan. Sudan is one of the 'periphery' states of non-Arab Muslims, like Turkey and Iran, particularly targeted by Israeli geopolitical theoreticians, but has a government that is too strongly Islamist for Zionist tastes. Israel has in fact been accused of providing arms to rebels against the central government. The current campaign to attack Sudan under the guise of protecting the people of Darfur is another manifestation of Zionist attempts to create 'regime change' in Sudan. Examples:

Protests in the United States have been led by an outfit called 'Save Darfur', described by the Jerusalem Post:

Little known, however, is that the coalition, which has presented itself as 'an alliance of over 130 diverse faith-based, humanitarian, and human rights organization' was actually begun exclusively as an initiative of the American Jewish community.
Is this evidence then, that the American Jewish Community is engaged in "faith-based, humanitarian, and human rights" activity?

Of course not, don't be stupid. They're Jews! Just ask B'nai Brith.

It's all a plot I tell you! Honest! I read it on Indymedia! Run!

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