Monday, April 10, 2006


Real Nazis...

Seattle Indymedia is reporting a local anti-Nazi protest.
We are residents of Thurston County who oppose the message of hate that the Nazis are bringing to our community on Sunday, April 2. We strongly object to their appropriation and exploitation of Rachel Corrie's memory, and of her support for the Palestinians and the Israeli peace movement. We are not rallying simply to confront the Nazis, but to oppose racism and all other forms of oppression. Like Hitler did, they try to exploit economic frustrations to turn whites against people of color, immigrants, Jews, the disabled, the LGBT community, and others. If we are silent, they will once again target our neighbors with harassment and violence.
The response? Predictable:
no one takes these skin head (sic) dickeheads (sic) seriously when there is (sic) real Nazis in the whitehouse. (sic) Focus on something other than stupid distractions.
and (sic) this is one of the dumbest.


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