Tuesday, March 21, 2006


UK Indymedia Panned in Wikipedia

This comment appears in the Wikipedia's discussion of their entry for Indymedia:
"I have noticed recently that indymedia.org.uk has started to openly allow known and proscribed terror groups such as Earth First ( who call for the extermination of all but 200,000 or so people on Earth to let the ecosystems of the world 'recover') post their often delusionary rants on Indymedia, at the expense of credible journalistic material from more liberal ecoactivists. A group of us have commented on this only to have our material removed by unknown volunteer editors who currently seem to favour ecofascism, and thus would like to point our we feel that the materials on there shouldnt be seen as NPOV.
Past report on UK Indymedia's censorship of reasonable, yet opposing views here.

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