Thursday, March 02, 2006


Shilling for the ISM

An article on Sydney Indymedia partly reprints a Ha'aretz article concerning an Israeli protester who lost an eye under questionable circumstances.

On the one hand:
Matan Cohen, an Israeli demonstrator against the separation fence, told Haaretz on Saturday that doctors are not sure if he will be able to see out of his eye again after he was reportedly shot the day before by a Border Police officer during a protest.
On the other hand:
IDF sources said a preliminary examination revealed Cohen was injured by a stone thrown by an unruly demonstrator. They said that since he was standing closer to the forces than to the demonstrators, it is likely that he was hit by demonstrators aiming for forces.
The second part, was missing altogether from the post on Sydney Indymedia. A comment on the post observes:
Oddly enough the ISM manages to post the rest of the article. So the anonymous person who posted this article to SIM is even more partisan than the ISM. Wow.
Wow indeed! A further comment:
Without even reading the source, and merely seeing the quote [in the Indymedia article]:
Border Police sources refused to respond to the statements, saying that only Israel Attack Forces spokespeople had the authority to respond to the affair.
it was fairly safe to assume the rest of piece has been manipulated. A quick check of the source proved this correct.

"Originally published in Haaretz" - Bullshit. Absolute bullshit.

...and it lives on Indymedia.

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