Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Kosher Dogfood

An article on Sydney Indymedia reports:
A Canterbury woman's plan to send powdered dog food to starving Kenyan children has not been given the thumbs up by Oxfam New Zealand. -,2106,3555626a4560,00.html

A shipment of 6000 emergency packs of dog food mixture is bound for Rusinga Island on Kenya's Lake Victoria as part of a relief effort for the area's starving children.

Christine Drummond, founder of Mighty Mix dog food, said she was working with a Kenyan aid agency to provide the raw ingredients for a special nutritional food.

But the scheme has failed to get the thumbs up from at least one international aid agency.
I'm not surprised.

Who is at fault? It's written on Sydney Indymedia, so who do you think? Comments answer the question:
these people are disgusting poisoning people by the millions treating them like dogs .. there must be some zionazis envolved (sic) in this operation it is so disgusting ..

no telling what is really in the mix those lunatics are pushing on those poor people.
At this point, someone usually chimes in and says "that comment was obviously written by a Jew Zionist to try and discredit Indymedia" (as though it needed help). It would still beg the question, what does one actually need to say before the Sydney Indymedia moderators will do anything.

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