Thursday, February 02, 2006


Jews versus Muslims

A post on Melbourne Indymedia asks: Is Judaism Racism?

As a longstanding Indymedia reader, I have no doubt it is not an innocent question, and the author had a very specific agenda in raising the question.

However, the ensuing debate is remarkably civil for Indymedia. For now anyway.

By contrast, this post also on Indymedia addresses the cartoons of Mohammed which have had the blogsphere abuzz this week. Many readers will be familiar with the case, of cartoons published by Dutch newspaper Jyllands-Posten which resulted in burning of Danish and Norwegian flags in Gaza, bomb scares and death threats against the newspaper, worldwide boycotts and threats of suicide bombings. Not exactly an angry letter to the editor!

As the European mainstream press and the blogsphere discuss the ramifications of this activity on journalistic freedom of speech, Melbourne Indymedia of all sites, has hidden the post. Odd.

What's not odd however, is that the discussion on the hidden post very quickly degenerates into simple Jew hatred.
There have been thousands, if not millions of cartoons attacking Jews and the US, many of them right here on Indymedia. Check 'em out.

But you get upset because of some cartoons that might offend Muslims.
A valid point. The immediate response?
Yes David, you are are as stupid as the Zion-Nazis who infest and operate this site who so love to promote and defend FAITH in the indoctrinations of JUDAISM. Good WORK, David.
Someone calls him on this hijacking:

This is about a Danish editor that was told to forget about Western freedom of expression, you cannot show a tiny picture of a historical prson called Muhammad because Muslims do not like it.
...Please keep to the question
Not bloody likely...

Thanks for good post.

When Muslims/Nazi'Left' demonize Jews= this is 'free speech'

Christian/Jews demonize Muslims='hate speech'
Buy Danish products

Boycott Islamofascism !
Thank you for this post. Unfortunately, although the discourse might have been civil in this post, the comments on the following article: are simply disgusting. Pure anti-Semitism and Nazism at its lowest and worst.
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