Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Flinstones Did It!

Light entertainment from UK Indymedia. Some local activists are fed up with the public transport system and have proposed a non-violent, inoffensive yet highly attention seeking protest. Their solution?

Build Your Own Bus
Made of cardboard and "people powered", they aim to take to the streets the following Saturday, stopping at bus stops to encourage passengers to avoid paying excessive fares to First Buses.
Patrick says, "It's at times like this that we can
draw on humour and our creative thinking to make real changes. We just changed First to Last.
Campaigners from "We Want Our Buses Back " are encouraging everyone to find creative ways to avoid paying First bus fares; walk, cycle, car-pool, hire a mini-bus, organise a walking bus, whatever you can think of. The idea is to gradually increase pressure on First until they are willing to negotiate with their passengers.
Good for them.

Sadly, it's not an original idea.

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