Thursday, February 02, 2006


Black People

LA Indymedia is carrying a World Can't Wait Report of their protest activity yesterday.
A preliminary estimate of about 3,000 people gathered and marched in Los Angeles to refuse to recognize this regime and to drown out Bush’s lies. The march was led by the Aztec dancers, and when it took off from Hollywood and Highland, many tourists and shoppers from all over the world who hadn’t heard of the protest joined in.
I suspect the tourists and shoppers thought it was Mardi Gras. If however, they were excluded from the statistics, what does it say about the local numbers? Plenty.
The Watts drum corps had organized in south central and put out their own call to take up the demand, Bush Step Down; and there was a significant number of black people, old and young, in the crowd.
It's good to see black people getting involved in dehmocracy yes sah!
The high school youth were once again in the lead - with several walk-outs that we know of and over 27 schools in the house. Many youth had come to the office for materials and organized friends and others when they heard of the protest through My Space.
Can you say "Day off school"?
But not far behind were the 60's generation people who remembered driving out Nixon
As I recall, Nixon didn't step down immediately after a poorly attended protest by 1-3000 people nationwide. I suspect the similarities and vast differences between Nixon and Bush will be lost on those kids who have a preference for skipping school anyway. I do know after Watergate, the World didn't have to Wait all that long...

According to the report (and not verified), a reporter on Channel 11 Fox said: "We were skeptical at first, but Nixon was forced to resign - these people may have a point."

Most of us are still unsure what it is, though we understand it involves saucepans.

Speaking of protests, LA Indymedia is also reporting (acutally, plagiarizing) an article on recent riots in Israel.
A brutal "Police Riot" has just occurred in Israel, storming protestors with horses and swinging batons, hurting whoever is in their way. There are reports of a several hundred civilians injured including three Knesset members, Effie Eitam (knocked unconscious), Aryeh Eldad (broken arm), and Rabbi Binyamin Elon. Nothing has been seen like this in the free world since the Police Riots during the Chicago Democratic Convention in 1968.

After those violent events, Chicago's late Mayor Daley slipped and unapologetically blurted out, "The police aren't there to create disorder, they're there to preserve disorder," proving the protestors claims that the police came to the site, with the intension of breaking heads and inflicting massive casualties.
Police brutality? Indymedia hates cops and loaths police brutality at protests.

Except when it's Jews getting the baton.
Those redneck racist zionist settlers should have been shot down like dogs in the street.
Says Eitam, "Early on, I [settler] was hit, knocked down, and run over by a horse and lost consciousness."


Once again, imc lets itself be used for more zionist propaganda. And once again the zionists come to us with crocodile tears.
Get that? Indymedia of all places is used for Zionist propaganda. Obviously the ads in Der Sturmer weren't effective enough.

If someone informed these people that is owned and operated by Newscorp, the parent company of Fox News and related enterprises, their next (first in a couple of years?) shower session might be a little lengthy.
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