Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Support for Vandals

An argument has broken out on Melbourne Indymedia concerning the two convicted vandals who painted "No War" on the Sydney Opera House. Specifically, the vandals wished to auction their infamous pot of paint however :
NSW Police have applied to the Downing Centre Local Court for the ‘disposal’ (i.e. destruction) of the famous paintpot
Comments ensue:
You vandalised a national treasure for your selfish egotism and you act like you're proud of it.

Obviously you haven't learned the lesson that what you did was a crime.

Rack off to Iran and take your stupid paint pot with you.
Why didn't you 'work your butts off' to raise money for the cancer hospital as a priority , fuckwits, instead of carrying out a political stunt? That way, the kids would have received more money than they will now.

Don't blame the cops because you chose to put all your efforts into a political stunt rather than raising money for sick kids.
Congratulations on some fine activism you two, I saw your handy-work on my ride home after work over the Sydney Harbour Bridge... It made me feel fuzzy inside, and made me realise that there were plenty of other anti-war folk out there willing to risk life and limb to make the message heard.
Telling a bunch of lies about the imaginary reasons for the acts of vandalism won't change the reality.

These people are crooks and they can piss off.
Why not just auction any old pot of paint and SAY it's the one used to vandalise the Sydney Opera House? That is, lie.

After all, you clowns regularly publish lies about Iraq, DU, 9/11, Bush, Howard, Israel, Afghanistan, terrorism, racism, 'suppression of dissent', etc.

Why stop the lies now?
One comment however stands out for pointing out something common to plenty of 'activists' engaging in frequently pointless criminal activity:
Self absorbed wankers who are only too happy to break the law when it suits their political purposes but would be the first to whinge if the authorities broke the law in dealing with them.

I would like to see what these idiots would say, if some Aussie went to London and spray painted across Big Ben - "Piss off Lizzy!"

How dare they damage cultural heritage of any nation - they scream against the destruction of communities in the Middle East, and yet they can not respect the country which is probably paying for their welfare!

So the best solution is to simply recognise London's cultural heritage in the famous words of the Griswold family:

"Look kids, Big Ben, Parliament!" and just keep driving.
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