Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Indymedia: Unchallenged in the History of Mankind

Further to yesterday's example of the Spectacular Denial of Indymedia it gets even more ridiculous.

Stacy, a moderator on Sydney Indymedia is publicly refusing to hide a most disgracefully antisemitic and downright stupid article on the Sydney Indymedia Newswire. It is of zero newsworthiness, untrue, antisemitic and offensive. There is no valid reason whatsoever to keep it, and this was pointed out by several people in the comments.

Read the responses by Stacy on the page however, and see it's all about "free speech".
There are crazy and deluded people with all sorts of politics and conspiracy theories, not just the left. Indymedia is a space where these people can bounce their ideas off the public.
Some" ideas"... Here's just one example:
you should just shut your nasty ass trap bitch just because you used to screw sharon for a shekel a pop doesnt (sic) mean you sould (sic) be crying over the fat shit ball
Aren't we all better off from having that 'idea' bounced off us. Stacy then triumphantly claims:
there has never been a more open and transparent media in the history of mankind
Are you really sure about that?

On second thoughts, every now and then someone might actually wash the filth off the back of the toilet door. Indymedia on the other hand is far more righteous...

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