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What Looneys' Believe

Via Sydney Indymedia (where else) comes an essay on Physics911 explaining which conspiracy groups can be trusted and which cannot.

Read it all and have your breath taken by the manner in which "Eric Hufschmid" develops an argument based on insanity. Several sections stands out, however this one takes the cake:
Watch out for "fishermen"
A technique that criminals use is perhaps best described as "fishing". For example, somebody might post a message that he thinks George Bush was involved in 9/11. In reality he is hoping to identify people who agree with him, or he is trying to determine what percentage of the people on the message boards have this opinion.

There are some sites on the Internet that appear to be "Nazi" or anti-semite sites. For example:


From my casual observation of those sites, I would guess that they are operated by FBI agents or Zionists
As we know from Indymedia, there are no real antisemites in the world. Oh no. Merely "Zionists" looking to pervert the truth. Speaking of which...
I suspect that they are looking for people who are angry at the US government or Israel. They post angry messages, such as "Kill all Niggers and Jews!". The angry messages are like worms on a hook, and they wait for people to bite them.

Even stranger, there are a lot of sites that are are registered to "Network Solutions", a company located in Herndon Virginia. Some of them are angry sites, some are "truth seeker" sites that provide deception, and some of them offer pornography that is so extreme that most Internet service providers would not tolerate them. For example, the following web sites are all registered to Network Solutions:


Why are all of these sites claiming Network Solutions is the registrant? Is there a connection between these sites?
Anyone who has registered domain names prior to a few years ago will know exactly what the role of Network Solutions was. Our writer doesn't:
I don't know the answer to those questions, but I would consider the possibility that they are sites of a government agency (not necessarily the American government), and that they are watching everybody who contacts them.

Most of the customers and employees of Network Solutions may be honest, but that doesn't mean the company can be trusted.
Or does he? After first making the above suggestion and letting the reader jump to an incorrect conclusion, he makes a flimsy note which the rest of us would regard as a critical fact:
More details about Network Solutions
Until the late 1990s, everybody purchased Internet domain names from Network Solutions because they had a monopoly. Therefore, it is not surprising that lots of web sites show "Network Solutions" as the company the domain was registered with.
Too late of course, some people were already getting hot under the tinfoil. But that's okay:
I am not accusing Network Solutions of being a criminal organization. Instead, I am suggesting we consider the possibility that they and other Internet service companies have been infiltrated by criminals.
And I'm sure the company is thrilled. He asks:
Why would a criminal network, or a foreign government, would want to infiltrate Internet service companies? Lots of reasons. For example:

To observe government e-mail and data
Bzzzzt. Network Solutions are a domain registrar. That's it. Their only tactic would be redirecting a domain. They do not have control over the servers and underlying content which could be sitting in someone's tinfoil shrouded basement . I'm no expert on these matters but I know enough of websites and domains to be able to call him on it. However, he's the one running around writing essays on the subject and one would assume a bit of cursory research would help... Other fantasies:
To upload videos from Osama

Occasionally you will hear that an Al Qaeda terrorist posted a message or a video on the Internet. Have you ever wondered how they do this without being identified?
I don't know... Perhaps exactly the same way I do?
If Network Solutions is hosting a site that is owned by an Arab, they could put messages and videos directly onto the hard disks.
Perhaps, however they aren't hosting the site, they are the domain registrant only.

He then continues with other "well known" theories:
There are many accusations that Israel was tapping American phone lines, spying on government officials, and blackmailing Americans.
Of course there are. There are also many accusations that Jews control your bowels. Does this justify them?
And don't forget about the accusations of their involvement in 9/11, the USS Liberty attack, the JFK assassination, the Apollo moon landing, and numerous other crimes.
I didn't know the Jews had faked the Apollo moon landing. You learn something daily. More of the writer's thoughts on the Holocaust and Apollo landing here. Penn and Teller interviewed him and he insists:
If the entire world could watch the unedited interview and compare that to the final television show, I suspect that the vast majority of people would come to the conclusion that the editors of the show were desperately trying to make us look like idiots.
Trust me, they didn't need to try very hard.

The greatest thing of course, is by exposing this person for the fool which he is, and by association, Indymedia, he will insist I am simply proving his point and obviously one of the (take your pick) Government/CIA/Mossad's useful idiots. At least I am useful...

"I didn't know the Jews had faked the Apollo moon landing."

The really funny thing is that he doesn't actually say anything about anyone faking the moon landing, just that Israel was involved.

It's all part of an evil Zionist plan to take over the moon!
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