Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Sydney Doesn't Get It

Since my report of Sydney Indymedia blaming Jews for recent ethnic rioting, numerous comments on that post have pointed out that the writer is, as the Aussies might say, a dickhead.

One however points the blame squarely at Indymedia itself:
why do you allow such nonsense to be published on your sites? Is there anything that you don't blame on the mossad?

please. quit with this paranoid and irrational fear/hatred of jews.

when indymedia first came about I thought it was a great idea, but now it's just infested with lunatics. Do yourselves a favor and stop allowing such idiotic and baseless allegations to be viewed publicly. WE at indymedia have become the laughingstock of the entire political blogosphere. Get some credibility back and weed out insane drivel like we've just read from james.
Sound familiar? I've been saying the same thing since starting this project. However, in many cases (notably Sydney) exactly zero has been done. Whilst I seldom report on Hidden Posts (previous explanation of why, here), Looking through Sydney's hidden posts, I can see that someone there is hiding certain articles (and according to Evil Pundit, comments) but not others. That is, it hasn't been left completely unmoderated and wide-open.

Therefore, it is quite reasonable to conclude that Sydney Indymedia really is comfortable with, and accepting of, the bile and drivel spewing daily from its newswire. The word is: Complicit. The other word is stupid.

Here's another word: Seppuku.

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