Thursday, October 06, 2005


Interview with Anti-Bush Activist

It's hard to say for certain whether this article on Chicago Indymedia is genuine or not.
Bush is evil. I am NOT in love with neocolonialism!!! The Retrosexuals stole the election by gassing the voters in Iowa, just like Tony Blair helped our Thief-in-Chief to STEAL public broadcasting (while the Federalist SOCIETY sat on the sidelines)! Power to the Wiccans!!!? If you aren't crestfallen about this chimp in charge, you understand you are a Rechimplican!!

Chimpy McBu$Hitler can talk about "freedom", while silencing Sunni workers in developing nations! As any fool can plainly see, say goodbye to jobs and union wages. We've seen this before, in Guantanamo, when incarcerated prisoners of war were molested by the coal industry! Shrub lied about that too!! This MAKES no sense whatsoever. Down with death.

KKKarl rove
Your pal Karl Rove frightens me! I assume, when the troglodytes say "fiscal conservatism," they really mean "division"!! When they say "pro life," needless to say it is just a code word for "SUVs". Power to the vegetarians. The head warmonger's War Against Reproductive Rights must end now! IMO, the Rethuglicans stole the so-called election by murdering the exploited voters in Tibet, just like Alan Greenspan helped our Thief-in-Chief to steal pure rivers from the homeopathic forests!! Doubtlessly, it looks like we can say goodbye to public transportation and truth!! Hmmmmmmm! If you aren't loony about the pollution and licking of this imperial chimp, then plainly you are a Repuglickin brownshirted employee of Laura Bush and NAFTA! William Rehnquist? John Bolton? In fact, I can't tell one graft-loving, Zionistic fluffer for the FBI from the other. (Glenn Reynolds either, like I've said a million times before.) I see, Smirky only wants Prague for the oil!! We shall overcome!
What do you think?

It's certainly not genuine in one sense, however it is an accurate summary of Indymedia.
that had to be satire.
Sounds like the Autorantic Virtual Moonbat is loose in the wilds of the internet.
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