Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Simon Wiesenthal - Spinning in his Grave

The world's most famous Nazi Hunter, Simon Wiesenthal died last night, aged 96. Whilst his death was certainly the end of an era, he has left an indelible legacy in the fight against racism worldwide. Not merely content with tracking down perpetrators of the Holocaust and holding them accountable, Wiesenthal was committed to the human rights of all groups. Anyone who has visited the Museum of Tolerance (a Wiesenthal initiative) would have experienced this first hand.

Anyone who has visited Indymedia on the other hand, will know the battle is far from over. On UK Indymedia, comes these comments:
He is dead and I won't cry on him nor on the pseudo six millions of holocaust victims.
This man, and his organisation, supported every racist war crime committed by the so-called state of Israel. Indeed, I would list the "Simon Wiesenthal Center" as the one of the most significant racist organisations on this planet.

It is one of the greatest sadnesses that out of the terrible terrible crimes of WW2 (committed by all major sides, especially the Germans, Japanese, Americans, and British), no lasting understanding or desire for a better, fairer, more moral world arose.

A significant part of the blame for this failure can be placed on the shoulders of those that fought for 'racial' and 'national' power post WW2, namely the Americans, the USSR, and the zionists and their supporters.
Yes. It would have been so much easier had the Nazis simply won.

Well done Indymedia... Well done.
RIP Simon Wiesenthal.

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