Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Protester to be Deported from Australia

Melbourne Indymedia is back online.


They are currently preoccupied with the case of US Activist Scott Parkin who travelled to Australia for the Forbes protest (past report here and here.

He has since received a "negative assessment" by the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO - think Aussie CIA) and had his visa revoked. He's on the next plane out of there and protesters are particularly annoyed.

The case has prompted Aussie blogger and friend Leigh from the House of Wheels to ask:
why is he facing deportation? It sickens me that the Government's actions are forcing me to agree with the Socialist Alliance.
Needless to say Leigh's no socialist, however it may not be as straight forward as it first seemed.

Aussie uber-blogger Tim Blair observes:
A spokesman for Labor leader Kim Beazley said last night the Opposition would not oppose Mr Parkin’s deportation, following a briefing by ASIO.
Considering the Opposition's job is to oppose most of whatever the Government tries, this would suggest there is more to Parkin than meets the eye.

Blair also adds:
Australia has long been too soft on so-called “peaceful” protesters who block roads, disrupt lawful businesses, and otherwise impose their will on others. How was Parkin even allowed to come here in the first place?
In other news (literally) Blair has used his time at his paid work (for a magazine) to tell some old jokes with politically correct answers.

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