Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Missed Opportunities

George W. Bush has just appointed an apparently unqualified and inappropriate person to the role of head of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency under the Department of Homeland Security.

The conservative/Right-wing/Pro-Bush side of the blogsphere are justifiably furious at what they regard as cronyism, especially after the recent Michael Brown (FEMA) debacle.

You'd think that Indymedia (not exactly known as friends of Bush) would be all over this story like a fat kid over cake. Gloating perhaps? Demanding things? Smashing stuff?

Nope. Instead, looking at DC Indymedia, they are more worried about "Psychotronic Torture" and Government mind control beams. Guys, drive to the shops, buy some more tinfoil and get over it.


I can't quit laughing at this. I'm gonna link to your post.

This is one the craziest posts I've ever seen on indymedia.
you gotta read some of the comments at the bottom of that article.

It's actually not that funny. These theories have reached the mainstream in the American far right. It helps explain the actions of people like Timothy McVeigh, Yigal Amir and the like. Those actions can then be attributed to (pick your mega-baddy) the CIA/Mossad/NSA...

It is also used to bolster the anti-gun control argument: if they take your guns you won't be able to defend yourself against the government's mind control agents who might use you for their international conspiracies.

Who's laughing now?
uh....let's see.

I am laughing.

beacasue you are insane.
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