Sunday, February 13, 2005


The Miracle of the George Bush Statue

Someone is proudly reporting the vandalism of a statue of George Bush Snr and it has turned into a major argument.

The statue in question was covered in red paint with photos posted to Houston Indymedia. An argument follows over whether such action is worthwhile and what it represents. Draw your own conclusions:
perhaps it's the blood of the iraqi people
Could also be the blood Orlando Letelier and Ronny Moffat. As Director of CIA, bush new the CONDOR agents were in country to assassinate Letelier... hey what's a little collateral damage among friends?
or it could be the blood of the US bombed panamanian barrios that housed the anti-noriega resistance when big daddy "liberated" them at the same time he eliminated the resistance's viability to assume power after the US invasion.
Or, it could your tax dollars being used to have it cleaned each time. Every dollar spend to fix something like this is potentially a dollar less going to public services.
This was then rebutted by:
Every penny spent cleaning this statue is a penny not spent on US imperialism and the instruments of war! Where do I send my paint?
Followed by this 'justification':
Vandalism justs costs the government money to clean it up. Just think, every time you deface a statue to a war criminal, you're stealing from the military industrial complex, every time you let the air out of the tires of a police car, you are taking away the money spent building tomohawk cruise missles, everytime you glue the locks shut of a federal building or a war profiteer, you are stoping the funding of catapillar bulldozers, that are destroying palestinian communities and crushing human rights observers, everytime you paint anti-imperialist graffiti in your neigborhood, that is another cop without a tazer.
Such a quality contribution to society...

This was keenly observed by one poster:
From the mouths of sick hungry children..blankets from the homeless..medicine from old people...but that's activist told me..let them long as we can get together for a little street theater with our friends we don't care if the kids starve or get diseases..vandalism also forces the insurance rates up on elderly home and auto owners..but that's ok..when they lose thier homes in the third ward because they can't afford insurance for fire and theft protection..we'll make room under the interstate for them and claim to really care..once we force them out.. gentrification can take place..we can feed them once a week...we could feed them more often but we like to spend OUR money on wheat paste and flyers..and force the city to spend money to clean up our mess...and on police to protect us from people on the way home from work..when we block the streets downtown..PARTY ON GARTH!!
That person would no doubt be unimpressed by:
"Right on" to the paint splatterers. Let's hope more statues of government bastards are defaced. Fuck Bush I and fuck Bush II.
Summed up beautifully thus:
You are a joke. Having your little protests, and then getting in your Honda bought by your parents to go back to Starbucks and drink your $5 coffee's.

You think you know something, you don't know shit.

Throwing paint on a statue and patting yourselves on the backs. Pathetic and spoiled is what you are.

My parents had dogs attacking them, fire hoses spraying them, tear gas choking them and were shot at with rubber and real bullets.

Meanwhile, your parents skipped class, smoked pot and "demonstrated" for fun and then returned to join corporate America.

I've seen you protesting on the streets. You do it for fun, not any real cause.

You call people racist, and you don't even know what racism is.

White trash mf's.
At the end of all of this, what was actually achieved?

"At the end of all of this, what was actually achieved?"

Err, you actually expect Indy Media to achieve something, other than a soapbox for anti-semitism and anti-American ranting? Heh.
Sorry if I'm stupid, I don't live in the U.S. Papa Bush is probably long since restored and perhaps no one ever checks these comments. But it's a representative discussion and can basically be applied here and there.

First off - I don't give a shit about your president (or his father) and I don't give a shit about the red paint-act. As art it entirely sucks. But the principal that the cost of cleaning up is a big problem, money taken from the homeless and so forth is idiotic. Of course, I don't know how things work over in the U.S., but in most economies that money is no money you homeless blogger dudes would ever see.

As I said, as art this is crap. But an illegal artpiece can do good things if thought out properly. It would be so boring if you anti anti-imperialists were so fed up with all the middle class revolution fiesta types that you couldn't handle a little subversive street-art activity. I agree most of it is poor, but every so often you know, the shit's needed. Like your blog.
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