Monday, February 07, 2005


Faruque Ahmed Hits the 'Bigtime'

I have reported twice on the deranged Faruque Ahmed who until now tended to confined his attacks to Sydney Indymedia, and was no doubt a large contributor to the problems they are having.

Faruque has now decided to take his beliefs to a wider audience.

His latest masterwork: "Come On Racist And Fascist Jews" has already been spammed all over theSydney and Melbourne sites. Evidently he is tired of being ignored by most readers and is now polluting the global site as well (hoping to pick up another 2 or 3?).

The consistent theme is simple, Jews are evil.
From his latest:
Even the theocratic Iran has not prosecuted Jews or Christians as they are recognised as the people of the book.
Oh really?
Probably you have conveniently forgotten the fact that Jewish Zenith came under the Muslims in Spain. Muslims had many opportunities to wipe out a past and vermin like you in many many occasions.

Passing himself off as an expert on the subject and master logician, he 'proves' his theory thus:
I also wonder, why the hell 99.9999% people of this universe reject Judaism?
Hmm... Is it because:
a) Jews eat babies
b) Jews are blood-thirsty murdering psychos?
c) Jews are moneygrubbing thieving backstabbers?
d) Jews control the media and Government?

or is it e)
Excuse me? Not being Jewish does not mean someone has "rejected" Judaism any more than me being white means I have rejected Africa. What a naive argument.

There is also a very simple reason why Judaism is not as numerically strong as Catholicism or Islam and it is this:

Judaism does not proselytise.

That is, Jews do not try and convert others and never have. It is possible in some circumstances to convert to Judaism however it is extremely difficult to do so and generally not encouraged.

Contrast this to Christianity which has held crusades and proselytizes daily, or Islam which also had its origins in violent crusades by Mohammed to convert as many followers as possible that continue in some countries to this day.

So Faruque, I hope you are satisfied with my attempt to show how completely uninformed and wrong you are.
Even though I read dozens of IMC pages daily (yes, I shower afterward), I remember this discussion well having previously reported on it. Apparently Faruque didn't as he is asking the same foolish question.

Despite having invited the above response, Faruque Ahmed either didn't bother to read it or conveniently ignored it in his spam-crusade. Either way, it is hardly intelligent debate and patently false.

It now seems however that patently false commentary and fabricated quotes are Faruques daily bread and he has been caught out well and truly.

So let's recap. You've got spam, you've got anti-Semitism, you've got fabricated source material (which is a fancy way of saying "making bad stuff up") and a failure to engage in rational debate, opting for more of the same which is now spreading (like violent herpes) to the rest of the IMC network.

Other examples of Faruque Ahmed's recurring trash: and so on. Drop by and leave your thoughts!

So what will the Indymedia administrators do? Judging by the Sydney site, not much (or as they say down-under bugger all). I bet they are still wondering why no one will take them seriously.

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