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More Indy Media Eveeedence that USA Responsible for Tsunami death-toll

This has it all. Tsunami conspiracies, 9/11 conspiracies and general US Hatred - Diego Garcia -- did US military/CIA know tsunami was in progress? Diego Garcia -- did US military/CIA know tsunami was in progress?

Based on my experience of investigating earthquakes for the US government for almost 22 years and doing research on seismological techniques to monitor underground nuclear explosions, I believe that the US military/CIA had critically useful information about the tsunami which was not transmitted to emergency response organizations.
The justification for not warning the countries that have been so devastated by the tsunami is that the US authorities did not know who to call in these countries -- how do they expect to fight the "War on Terrorism" or shoot down a nuke ICBM -- are they really that incompetent? Is this the same kind of lapse that occurred on 9/11 in the two hours between the time when the first plane crashed into the World Trade Center and the time when fourth plane "crashed" in Pennsylvania?

Another Indy Media Scoop and this one must be credible - it's based on "research"!

You may now collect on your wagers for how long it would be before the Americans (and/or Jews) were vocally blamed for the Tsunami victims.

Update: As predicted by Whacking Day and Indy Media Watch, Joe Vialls started working first-thing New Year's Day on proof Israel was behind the tsunami and not those "tectonic" thingammy's as everyone suspects. More to come assuming the men in white coats don't get to him first...

Update #2: They didn't.
It is beyond any doubt that a giant tidal wave (tsunami) smashed its way through South and South East Asia, and still had enough legs to continue all the way across the Indian Ocean to Africa, where it killed and injured a few hundred more. So the only question we must ask, is whether this tsunami was a natural or man-made catastrophe?
on the credit side they'd already managed to kill more than 100,00 Muslims in Sumatra with a single tidal wave, which was partial payback for their own resounding defeats in Afghanistan and Iraq.
For the Zionist Cabal, obtaining a thermonuclear weapon in America is no great trick.
And on and on it goes...

In closing, Vialls says:
Predictably perhaps, I remain permanently barred by American multinationals including Yahoo and PayPal
Vialls' is lucky he can always count on Indy Media.

Update #3: Yes, there really are people on Indymedia who take Joe Vialls seriously. Read "Robin Hood's" comments.

Yeah, and the US is using the disaster as a "subterfuge" to re-enter Southeast Asia. Whatever.
This one made the headlines in Sweden's biggest daily.,2789,583519,00.html

Yes, this is a demented country. Yes, we are being indoctrinated daily. Yes, we like it and want more.

Can I please become a citizen of Whereever?

/Go West
Stockholm, Sweden
I feel for you the good hearted people in Sweden. I just don't understand the point at which the world changed. All of a sudden the traditionally anti-authoritarian regimes of Scandinavia have decided that supporting auithoritarian Arab and African regimes is actually helping the people of those countries. The US and the parts of the world that are trying to make a difference against this rising tide of fundamentalist Islamism, which would not hesitate to execute any one of the people reading this page (they even kill aid workers there to help them) seem to be the bad guys. I just don't get it!

The world has gone topsy turvy, up is down, left is right, the moon rises in the day time and the sun at night, hahahahahhahahahahaha, maybe us Jews are right Mosiach (the messiah) is coming!
You guys are all nuts...i have never read anything so absurd in my life!!! Omg...I can't beleive you think that there are machine and/or device's on the planet that produce's such a disaster..geez...

I don't like the US but, I mean seriously they're not that evil....
Well I hope you weren't talking about me. This site has reported on lunatics but in no way endorses their looney beliefs. Just in case it wasn't obvious....
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